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How to Play Mobile Device Videos on Your Computer

Question: I emailed myself a video I took from my blackberry curve. When i try to play the video on my computer it says it can't find the file extension. What is the deal?

The deal is that you need a program installed on your computer that can play the video file, or a program that can convert it to a common video format like MOV (for Mac OS X Mavericks) or WMV (for Windows 8 or lower). However, videos that are recorded from a mobile device will usually have a different file extension. For example, movies recorded by Motorola RAZR phones will be saved as 3GP format, which can't be played with QuickTime or Windows Media Player.

In this case, to play mobile devices videos on your computer, you may need a third-party media player that can handle any kinds of video formats. Rather then look for a universal video file player, look for a video file converter. Not only will you get the ability to view all kinds of video files, but you'll be able to convert them to be viewable on other devices or other computer systems like a Macintosh.

Here Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate that supports literally any video format. From .3GP cell phone videos to iPhone videos, Blackberry videos, AVI, WMV, MP4, etc. is highly recommended. Besides converting video to a more compatible format, this powerful video converter also provides various optimized presets for mobile devices, like LG, Samsung, Nokia, iPhone (iPhone 5S/5C), Blackberry and more. Editing functions like trimming, croping or adjusting the frame rate, bit rate and resolution are also a highlight of this program. A Mac verison called Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is available for Mac users (including Mac OS X Mavericks).

Download mobile video converter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to convert mobile video to play on PC/Mac

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate ieself is a versatile media player that can play videos recorded or downloaded from mobile phones on your computer. It will also let you convert those videos to HD-quality video and change the format to suit with other media player like QuickTime and Windows Media Player. Below is the detailed procedures on how to convert mobile video format with ease:

1Load videos from your mobile to computer

To add movies on mobile phones, first you need to connect your phone with the computer via USB (or upload the videos via Cloud services if the internet connection is available). Then click the Add Files button to choose the videos that you want to convert from hard drive. Multiple conversion is supported so you can add several files at a time.)

video playback on PC

2 Choose an output format as per needs

Usually, MP4 is a widely acceptable format on different platforms. So here I suggest you designate MP4 as the output video format. If you have a specific requirements like iPhone format, this video converter can also fulfill your needs. Just choose iPhone output format from Apple category under the Device output format list.

convert mobile devices video format

3One click to begin the mobile video format conversion

Before start converting mobile video file format, you can edit the video by clicking the Edit button. When all settings are done, simple click the Convert button to activate the video conversion, which will be finished in a few minutes.

Download mobile video converter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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