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How to Burn Canon Video to DVD

Canon video to DVDWhen you take quite a big amount of Canon videos, you could not store all videos just in the camera or computer, because they will occupy big space for storage. Under this situation, you can burn all Canon videos into DVD for eternal storage:

Why we need to burn Canon video to DVD?

1. Save computer space: The videos from Canon Camcorder are always very clear, and the high quality videos will occupy big space, so it is suitable to burn them to DVD for storage. Now you can know more about the difference between Camera and Camcorder.

2. Keep it longer: We usually use the Canon Camcorder to record the memorable videos, such as family party, birthday, meeting and baby growth process and so on. Why not to burn and save the Video to DVD? So that you can keep these memories on DVD for all your lifetime.

3. Easy to share: The DVD which you burn from Canon Video is very easy to carry when you are travelling, you also can play it on your computer and DVD player, or share with your friends and families.

How to convert Canon video to DVD?

Now we all know that it is really a good way to store and archive Canon videos by burning Canon video to DVD. Still not sure how to do this? No problem, just read on for the simple way to convert Canon video to DVD. Before burning, you need to choose one DVD burning program.

Download Canon Video to DVD Burner:

Download Windows Version   Download Mac Version

Note: If you are suffering with the format limitation and low output quality of free DVD burners, you should switch to real professional DVD burning tool to try your luck.

With the professional DVD Creator, you can convert and burn Canon video to DVD in a few clicks:

1Import Canon Video to DVD Creator

When you download the DVD Creator, install and launch it. Then you can import or load your Canon videos to this program.

Canon Video to DVD

2Edit Canon Video

This DVD burning software Offers you some easy editing functions such as trim, crop, add DVD menu and so on. For more professional editing functions, you can consider trying the Video Editor.

3Burn Canon Video to DVD

Once everything is ready, you can start burning Canon Video to DVD, DVD folder or ISO files. This may take a while, depending on the video size.

Now you can share or play your personalized DVD on the TV or on big-screen DVD player. Enjoy!

Below is a video tutorial on how to burn Canon video to DVD:

Download Windows Version   Download Mac Version

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