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How to Rip Canon Camcorder DVD in Windows/Mac

Canon DVD camcorders enables you to conveniently record videos to DVD for playing on your home DVD player or TV. However, if you want to play Canon camcorder DVD elsewhere like your iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, etc., you'll be disappointed since these videos are not supported by portable devices and many video editing programs, video sharing sites, etc. And there are often many people like you ask questions like below on Yahoo Answer:

  • • I have a problem ripping DVD material from my Canon DVD camcorder to computer, help please!
  • • I want to rip a miniDVD from my Canon camcorder to my computer, how to do that?
  • • How can I transfer discs from Canon camcorder DVD to computer?
  • • How to rip video clips from a Canon camcorder DVd disc?
  • • ...

Don't worry about it! Actually it's quite easy to rip Canon camcorder DVD to computer, portable devices, video sharing sites, etc. without any hassles. What you need is a DVD ripping tool. Here Aimersoft DVD Ripper is strongly recommended to help you rip videos from Canon camcorder DVD. With it, you can effortlessly get video clips from Canon camcorder DVD. If you're using a Mac, please turn to Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac, which lets you convert Canon camcorder DVD to videos on Mac (Mountain Lion included). Now download it and follow the steps below to get your work done.

Download DVD Ripper:

Download Windows Version Download Mac DVD Ripper

How to rip Canon camcorder DVD with ease

1Add DVD

After downloading, install and launch the program,then insert your finalized DVD into the DVD drive and click Load DVD to import the DVD movie

rip canon camcorder dvd

2Select output profile

This DVD ripper software can convert camcorder DVD to various video/audio formats. What's more, 150+ video presets for portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. are provided. Simply select the output you want from the format list.

rip camcorder dvd to video

3Start to rip canon camcorder DVD

When everything is OK, click Start to begin ripping videos out of Canon camcorder DVD. When the conversion completes, you can play, edit and share your videos anywhere you like.

Below is the video tutorial on how to rip canon camcorder DVD:

Download Windows Version Download Mac DVD Ripper

More about Canon camcorders:

Most Canon DVD camcorders record videos to SD DVD and are highly compatible with general DVD players. This kind of camcorder DVD discs can be easily ripped. Below are the Canon DVD camcorder models supported by Aimersoft DVD ripping program.

DC10 DC100 DC19 DC20 DC201 DC210
DC22 DC220 DC220E DC230 DC230E DC301
DC310 DC320 DC330 DC330E DC40 DC410
DC411 DC420 DC50 DC50E Vixia HR10 *  

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It's very easy to use and it produces high quality endresults.
I was having problems when I tried to play DVD on my computer that was previously recorded on my Canon DVD Camcorder. The files didn't even show up. The Aimersoft DVD Ripper solved the problem. Highly recommended.
I make it clear now. I have to finalize the disk if it is DVD-R as it was in my situation!
I have a question: only finalized disks can be transfered to PC? I have a HR10 and i'm trying to put videos to PC but i didn't manage. I may use your program and my question is can i transfer videos from disk to PC in this way? And only finalized disks can be transfered using this program. Because I tried like you said and nothink! Tell me where I am wrong!! It is telling me that: "selected DVD folder is invalid. please chose another one!" Thanks!
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