DRM Media Converter

Free and Share Your DRM Video and Audio Files

How to Remove DRM from Your Music & Video

After you install Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, just follow the three short steps below to start sharing your newly-freed files to anyone, on virtually any device.

Step 1 Add files

There are two ways to import files into the program, (1) Click the Add button at the top left to browse your computer's folders and select the file(s) you want or (2) just drag-and-drop the files you want directly from your desktop into the main window and remember, you can import multiple files at once thanks to batch conversion.

Tip: You can customize your conversion using the three tabs located in the Options menu: 1> From the "General" tab, specify your preferred destination folder for saving output files. 2> From the "DRM Finder" tab, customize search parameters for the DRM Finder tool. 3> From the "Processing" tab, set the program to perform up to five parallel conversions.

aimersoft drm media converter add

Step 2 Select an output format

If you have specific needs concerning video or audio quality, click the Settings button at the bottom (there are separate buttons for audio and video) to select the output format you want, then, you can set the video parameters (resolution, frame rate, encoder, and bit rate) or audio parameters (such as sample rate, channel, encoder and bit rate).

aimersoft drm media converter output

Step 3 Convert your DRM files

After a short setup, click the "Start" button to begin the conversion process, then sit back and enjoy your newly freed music and movie files.

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