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How to Easily and Quickly Download Hulu Videos on Windows/Mac

Watching videos in Hulu is indeed entertaining. Of course, you still have to wait for the videos to stream and unless you have a high speed Internet connection. If you cannot wait for the Hulu videos to stream or want to watch them anytime and anywhere you want, you can use a Hulu video downloader to download videos from Hulu.

Aimersoft YouTube Downloader is an easy-to-use online video downloader which can download not only YouTube videos, but also download videos from a variety of video sharing websites like Hulu, TED, Dailymotion, Metecafe, Vimeo, VEVO and more. Aside from the Hulu download feature, you can convert Hulu videos to any video format that you want such as MP4, MOV, WMV, MP3, AVI and many more.

To download Hulu videos on Mac, you can turn to Aimersoft Hulu Downloader for Mac (Mavericks included) that is able to download and convert any online videos with ease.

Part 1. Steps for Downloading Videos from Hulu

1. Search for the videos you want

Using the Hulu video downloader is easy. Your initial task is to use the web browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox to open the Hulu videos that you are going to download.

If you are using Windows version, you can also visit various sites using the built-in web browser. To open the browser, please hit the Online Video menu on the top of the interface.

save hulu videos

download hulu videos

2. Download Hulu videos with simple clicks

When you play the video, you will find a Download button located at the uppermost part of the video window. Remember that there are different ways to download the Hulu videos of your choice. First is to download Hulu videos by clicking on the Download button so that it will be added to the list of downloads along with the resolution of your choice. Second, copy the URL of the Hulu videos in the address bar and click on the Paste URL button to start the download process. Third, for Mac users, you can also simply drag the URL of the Hulu videos to the program and they will be downloaded instantly.

3. One click to play Hulu video (optional)

This Hulu video downloader has a very useful in-built video player and with which you can view all the Hulu videos that were successfully downloaded. Hit the Finished tab to access to all the downloaded files and then click the Play button on the thumbnail of the video you want to open the video play window. Now you can enjoy the video without any hassles.

download videos from hulu

download hulu videos

4. Convert Hulu videos (optional)

In case you want to convert the downloaded Hulu videos to one of the popular video formats, it is relatively simple. Find the video you want to convert in the downloaded list and then click the Convert button beside it. Simply choose the video format of your choice in the pop-up window and click OK to start the conversion process and eventually watch all the videos that you love.

Part 2. Steps for Downloading Videos from Hulu Plus

1. Browse videos on Hulu Plus

Firstly, you need to launch the YouTube Downloader for Mac. Then open Safari and go to Hulu Plus. After finding the video you like, you can play it as usual.

capture hulu plus videos

save hulu plus videos

2. Download a video from Hulu Plus

If you mouse over the video, you’ll see a Download button appear on the top right corner of the video window. Click it and then the video will be immediately added to the download queue. You can also copy the video URL and resume to the program and click the Paste URL button to download the video. Alternatively, you can directly drag the video URL to the program from Safari.

3. Watch the video with built-in player (Optional)

The downloaded videos will be listed under the Downloaded tab. Double click the video that you want to watch. Then you can enjoy the clip and take snapshots as you want.

download video from hulu plus

hulu plus downloader

4. Convert the downloaded video (Optional)

If you'd like to convert the video to fit your devices and players, you can click the Download tab on the right side of the interface. Find the target video in the list and then click the Convert button next the clip. The output interface will subsequently be activated. Choose a format according to your need and then click OK to start the conversion.

Part 3. Download Tips

1. More about Hulu

Hulu is an American company offering on-demand internet viewing of American movies, TV shows, and TV series. As such, all content at the site is accessible only to the American audience. The website partners up with big media companies such as Fox, NBC, ABC, and TBS, where most of its original content comes from. The website also provides web syndication services to AOL, Myspace, MSN, Yahoo! Facebook, and xfinity TV.

Hulu also offers a free and paid for service, with the latter being named as the Hulu Plus. Under Hulu Plus, users will have better choices of enjoying their subscription as they can view streamed shows through an Apple TV, Blue-Ray player,TiVo box, Smart TV, Smartphone, gaming console, Roku, and WD TV. Right now, there are 1.5 million paid subscribers of the Hulu Plus service.

2. Common question about downloading Hulu Plus videos

Can only download part of a Hulu Plus video? Here's the solution:

Hulu Plus is based on the RTMP protocol. So you can only use Safari to download Hulu Plus videos. If you are using Firefox or Chrome, you can expect the next update. After opening Safari and signing in your Hulu Plus account, you can then download Hulu Plus videos by clicking the Download button on the top right corner of the video. Then the program will automatically download it for you.

3. How to burn Hulu videos to DVD

If you have downloaded many TV shows and movies from Hulu, you may have the need to convert and burn Hulu videos to DVD. In this way, you can free up more space in your hard drive, watch the clips on TV though a DVD player and keep the movies forever.

Video Tutorial on How to Save Hulu Videos to Your Computer

hulu download didn''t work for me, uninstall...
Still Fails with Hulu. It only records the advertisement before the main video. Will not record any further.
Apparently, this issue is still not fixed. Just downloaded the trial and tried to download from Hulu Plus. Got 2 seconds of black screen. Glad I didn''t buy first!
any new way too download a full hulu vid instead of 2 sec vid
Still not working on Hulu...
kirk van irvin
yes the same thing happened tome does anybody know if there is a fix?
Hi, Fred. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Hulu has revised its site recently, which results in the failure of downloading. Our engineers are trying their best to solve the problem.
Hi, Angec. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. At present, Hulu is going on a site revision, which results in the failure of downloading Hulu videos. Our engineers are working on this problem to figure out the solution,
i cant seem to download free hulu? i use it like normal and only captures 2 seconds? was working fine last week?
Hi Marie, I tried Safari 5.1.7 on Windows 7 with Downloader 3.8.0, but I still don't get a Download button on the top right corner of the video. I even tried the browser repair, but I can't get a download button anyway. Any other ideas?
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