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YouTube Merger-How to Merge YouTube with Ease

Nowadys, YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video-sharing website which provides users with a large number of wonderful videos. If you are a YouTube lover, you probably have downloaded many interesting or instructional videos from this website. But how to merge YouTube videos so that they can be played in the same track without interrupt? At this moment, what you need is a professional YouTube Merger.

Here, I'd like to introduce Aimersoft Video Editor. This software has a great performance in merging YouTube videos. With simple clicks, short video clips will be joined into one big file in a split second. What's more, this program also offers you a variety of transition effects, giving you the possibility of taking your video to the next level. After you are done with the editing job, you can freely choose the way of publishing video according to your preference.

Merging videos is only one outstanding feature of Aimersoft Video Editor, go to explore it and you'll definitely find more surprise!

Download video editor:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to merge YouTube in Windows

The screenshots are taken from Windows version. Mac users please download YouTube video merger for Mac. Now, let's follow the tutorial to join your YouTube files into one.

1Load your video clips

Make sure you have successfully downloaded the program. Then you need to launch it and add your video clips via the "Import" button. You can also directly drag your videos from local computer to the media library.

Load YouTube video

2Put YouTube videos together

Next, drag the videos clips to the timeline panel. To rearrange the playback sequence, you can left click on the video thumbnail and move it to any place you like before releasing the mouse. After reordering the videos, you can further edit them with diverse transition effects. To do this, please click "Transition" above the timeline panel. To apply your favorite effect, just drag it to the gap between clips.

add transition to video

3Publish the merged video

Video Editor offers users different ways of publishing the videos:

  • Export the video to portable device, please click "Device" and select your device from the drop-down list;
  • Save the video to target directory in your local computer, please click "Format". Here you can also convert the new file to any format you like;
  • Upload the video to YouTube, please click "YouTube" and type in the required info;
  • Burn the video to a DVD for watching on TV, please click "DVD" and configure the settings.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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