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How to Convert WMV to DVD on Mac and Windows

WMV, short for Windows Media Video, is widely compatible with Windows PCs. And it is the name of the video encoder that was created by software giant Microsoft. The advantage of WMV is good compression and quality. WMV has been such a popular video format and perhaps you have lots of homemade or downloaded video files in WMV fomat. Want to burn them to DVD so that you can watch them on your TV or home DVD player? Consider it done! In this article, you will learn how to burn WMV to DVD on Mac, Windows (including Windows 10) with ease.

To convert WMV files to DVD,  you need a DVD burner. Aimersoft DVD Creator is one of the best DVD burning programs that lets you convert and burn DVDs from WMV video with the original video quality and fast burning speed. In addition, the built-in video editor and free DVD menu templates enables you to take your DVD to the next level instantly. If you are using a Mac, just turn to Aimersoft DVD Burner Mac, which allows you to copy WMV to DVD on Mac OS X (including El Capitan). Now download the program and check it out on how to convert and burn Windows Media Video to DVD.

Download WMV to DVD Burner:

Download Mac VersionDownload Windows Version

The guide below is divided into two parts to show you how to convert WMV video to DVD format on Mac and Windows separately. Just make sure you've downloaded the right version.

Part 1. Convert WMV to DVD format on Mac OS X

Part 2. Convert WMV to DVD format in Windows

Part 1. How to create DVD from WMV files on Mac (Mavericks)

1 Add WMV video files

Find the WMV video you want to burn and drag them into the source pane. You can also import media files from iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, etc. directly with one simple click.

wmv video to dvd converter

2 Edit WMV videos & customize DVD menus (Optional)

If needed, you can customize the videos to get better visual effects. The supported editing functions include: trim the video into small segments, crop the video frame size or add watermarks and subtitles and more. This program supports creating personalized DVD menu.

3 Start burning DVD from WMV

Click Burn to start converting your WMV movie to DVD on Mac (Mountain Lion). Once the burning process is done, you can view them on your DVD player with ease.

Here is the video tutorial on converting WMV video files to DVD on Mac.

Part 2. How to convert WMV to DVD format in Windows (Windows 8)

1Import WMV files

Click the "Import" button to select and add the WMV videos into this program and organize the DVD titles and video sequence. All loaded videos can be previewed in the right preview window and you are free to take snapshots of your favorite movies scenes.

convert wmv to dvd

2Edit videos (Optional)

The built-in video editor lets you personalize and touch up your media files in clicks. Video editing functions like Trim, Crop, Rotate, Add Watermarks, etc. are provided. Simply click the Edit button located beside each video clip to open the video editing window to edit your videos.

burn wmv files to dvd

3 Start burning your WMV videos to DVD disc

If you like, you can choose a DVD menu template under "Menu" and customize it with your favorite buttons, frames, photos, music, etc. When all is OK, insert a writable DVD disc into your computer's DVD-ROM and go to "Burn" tab to start burning your video to DVD. After that, you can play WMV on DVD player with ease.

Download WMV to DVD Converter:

Download Mac VersionDownload Windows Version

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Matt Hill
Hello I''ve been trying to contact Aimersoft by email for days about getting a refund or exchange, but no reply??About a refund for DVD Creator. Order reference no.: 43781707 Product ID: 4611159email: hill.matthew.john@gmail.com
Matt Hill
Hello I''ve been trying to contact Aimersoft by email for days about getting a refund or exchange, but no reply??
just burn a wma movie on a dvd no sound
Hi, Norman. It should be there, for it is the file name.
I have burned several dvd5's with no problems. Having problem with trying to burn a 8.20G on a dvd9. also the folder path shows C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\Aimersoft DVD Creator\Temp\2013-08-26-034616 Don't know what the 2013-08-26-034616 after Temp is and should it be there,,,,,if not how to get rid of it? I have reinstalled the program.
Aimersoft Employee
Yes, you can install it on at most 3 computers. For the burning time, it depends on your file size and the output settings you've selected. Just wait and all will be done.
If I purchase the program can I install it on the other computers in my home as well? Also, I am trying the free trial right now and it is taking hours and hours to burn. Is this normal? Thanks.
My experience with Aimersoft DVD Creator is very positive. My uncle gave me his computer that had a bunch of home movies in WMV format that I wanted to burn to DVD, so I tried the trial of this Aimersoft software and found it easy to use and the price right so I bought the paid program. It's fun to use and i especially enjoyed the video editing portion because you can really do a lot of cool things with home movies. i was able to convert and burn several DVD's in a short time to share with family so I rate this product as a winner!
Doug P.
Aimersoft DVD Creator is a great software, I encourage everyone to try the free trial because it's easy to use, and very fast, though I do have a fast computer so I might be a bit biased. I love the fact that you can adjust brightness and contrast and do some general editing to get the video just right. And the special effects are super cool as well. A+++ to Aimersoft!!
Aimersoft Employee
Hello, HJH, Aimersoft DVD Creator can burn DVD from all popularvideo formats easily and successfully.
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