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How to Copy Unprotected DVD for Free

There are many occasions when you want to copy your DVD onto your computer's hard drive. Generally speaking, there are two types of DVD: protected DVD and unprotected DVD. Here we will talk about how to copy unprotected DVD for free.

Actually, copying unprotected DVDs can be accomplished by a large variety of free software. Among them, DVD Shrink is a good choice. Now just follow the guide below to copy unencrypted DVD to computer.

Tip: Most commercial DVD movies are locked by DVD copy protection. If you want to copy these commercial DVD movies, please turn to Copy Protected DVD.

Download DVD Copy:

How to back up unprotected DVD

First, download DVD Shrink from the Internet and follow the wizard to install the software. Then launch the program and insert your unprotected DVD disc into your computer DVD drive.

1Add DVD movie

Click "Open Disk" to load the DVD files onto DVD Shrink. DVD Shrink will then analyze the DVD disc for a few minutes. Generally, "Full Disk" will be selected automatically. When the files are loaded, you can choose the compression settings, audio tracks, etc. under "Compression Settings".

how to use dvd shrink

2Start copying unprotected DVD

After all necessary settings, you can click "Back Up" on the top center to begin copying unencrypted DVD. Then you will see the window below, asking you to choose the "Backup Target". If you want to copy unprotected DVD to your computer's hard drive, you can choose "Hard Disc Folder". And if you want to copy the DVD to another DVD, you can select "ISO Image File" to create ISO files for later burning. Then choose the target folder for your DVD output files.

how to use dvd shrink

After that, click "OK" to start copying your unprotected DVD movies for free. When the copy process is completed, a window will appear to notify you of the completion.

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