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How to Copy DVD+R to DVD-R on Windows/Mac

Question: I have a DVD+R video disk that I want to play in my TV surround sound system DVD player. The TV's DVD "player" will only play DVD-R formatted DVD's according to the manufacturer. It's an older system. These days I think I can buy players that will play all formats. So, my DVD+R disk won't play at all in my player. It will play on my computer using my Lite-On DVD RW but not in my player that's hooked to my large screen TV. Is there any way to "convert" a DVD+R formatted disk to a DVD-R disk?

Solution: Aimersoft DVD Copy can solve this DVD+R to DVD-R conversion problem for both Windows (Windows 8 compatible) and Mac users. Besides copying DVD+R to DVD-R, this DVD Copy can also copy DVD-R to DVD+R. In a word, no matter you are a Windows (Windows 8 compatible) or a Mac user, as long as you have been annoyed by any DVD+R and DVD-R copy, please check the following step by step guide to learn how to backup DVD+R and DVD-R disc.

Free Download DVD Copy:

Download Aimersoft DVD Copy

Instruction on how to copy DVD-R to DVD+R

The screenshots below are taken from Windows version. Mac users can also follow the same tutorial after downloading and installing the Mac version on your computer.

1 Insert DVD+R disc

After launched the program, it will remind you to insert your DVD Disc. Just follow the instruction to insert your target DVD+R disc. After inserting DVD disc successfully, you will find all the titles of the DVD showed in the file list

2Make copy settings and start copying your DVD+R movie

Select "DVD Disc" as the output method, and there are three options for you to copy your DVD movie: Main Movie Copy, Customized Copy, and Full Copy. Please select an option according to your need, and then tap the "Start" button to begin copying your DVD. Now the data will be saved to a temporary file.

3Insert DVD-R disc and copy DVD+R to DVD-R disc

After copying finished, the program starts encoding DVD and will inform you to insert a suitable blank DVD disc. Now please insert a DVD-R disc.

Then please wait for 30-40 minutes, then you can enjoy your DVD movies with DVD-R disc on your home DVD player


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