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How to Copy DVD Movie to ISO on Windows/Mac

ISO image files usually come from a DVD disc and will save all the disc content. It will include images, videos, audio, subtitle, etc. in the file. So if you want to copy DVD movies to computer hard drive to save your shelf’s space or watch wherever you like, backing up DVD to ISO files is the best solution. However, many DVD collectors will encounter the problem of saving DVD movies as ISO image file or copy DVD to ISO for backing up DVD files. This article shows you a simple DVD to ISO Maker to backup your DVD movies on PC and manage your ISO files easily.

When talking about backing up DVD, a DVD copy program is needed. Here Aimerosoft DVD Copy is the highly recommended. With it, you can backup Windows DVD to ISO image files without facing any glitch. You just need to insert the disc to your computer drive and then with a few simple clicks, the DVD copy software will back up the DVD film to ISO files immediately. Let’s see how this DVD copy program will work for you in details.

Download DVD Copy:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to back up DVD to ISO on Windows (Windows 8)

1Select DVD source

Launch the program, click the "Source" drop-down list and you will see two options: "DVD Folder" and "DVD-ROM".

Select DVD Source

From DVD disc: To backup ISO from DVD disc, please select "DVD-ROM"(if you have a DVD-RAM driver installed, here it will appear as "DVD-RAM"), and insert the target DVD disc into the driver.

From DVD folder: To copy ISO image files from local DVD folder, just select "DVD Folder", a window will pop up for you to browse the directory of your DVD folder.

2Select DVD target-ISO

Click the "Target" drop-down list you will see three options: "DVD-RAM driver", "Image File (*.iso)" and "DVD Folder". In order to backup your DVD movies to ISO image files, you should select "Image File (*.iso)" option and specify a directory to save the copied DVD movie.

Select ISO

3Select copy mode

Click the "Copy mode" drop-down list you will see three options: "Full Movie", "Main Movie", and "Custom Mode".

Select Copy Mode

Full Movie: to copy the whole videos from the DVD to ISO
Main Movie: to copy the main movie without other information
Custom Mode: to copy the exact titles to ISO image file.

DVD information

4Start copying DVD to ISO

Finish all the above things, click "Start" button to start copying ISO from your DVD movies. The copying process will be completed in a few minutes.

Copy DVD to ISO

Download DVD copy now:

Below is a video tutorial on how to back up DVD to ISO:

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Kevin Reuther
Coming from the days of WinISO, Aimersoft is a godsend! I am always looking for an easy way to copy DVD movie to ISO, but my old software does not remove copyright protection which is a huge issue for my backups.
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