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How to Backup Dual Layer DVD to DVD/ISO/DVD Folder

Dual layer DVDs have two readable/recordable layers per side and thus their data storage capacity is double that of a conventional DVD. Dual layer DVDs are usually used for storing HD DVD movies that are larger than 4.7GB. If you've bought some dual-layer DVD movies and want to copy them to another DVD disc or your computer, then you are definitely in the right place. In this article, you will learn how to copy dual layer DVD with Aimersoft DVD Copy.

Aimersoft DVD Copy is an easy and fast DVD copying tool that lets you backup your DVD collection to DVD disc with 1:1 quality, or save your DVD movies to hard drive as DVD folder/ISO image files--bypassing the DVD copy protection. With it, you can backup dual layer DVD (D9) to dual layer DVD (D9) or compress dual layer DVD (D9) to single layer DVD (D5) with ease. The equivalent Mac version is Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac. Now download the dual layer DVD coping software and follow the steps below to copy your dual layer DVD movies.

Download Dual Layer DVD Copier:

Download Win Download Mac

How to copy dual layer DVD in a few clicks

This guide uses the Window version screenshots for better description. The way to backup dual layer DVD on Mac is the same. Just make you have downloaded the right version.

After downloading, install and launch the program. The main interface of Aimersoft DVD Copy is as below:

copy dual layer dvd

You can finish copying your DVD movies in the following two steps:

1Choose the target DVD

Insert the DVD disc into your DVD drive and click the "Source" drop-down list and you will see "DVD Folder" and "DVD-ROM" two options to browse your computer and locate your source DVD. Select "DVD Disc" as the output method. And then tap the "Start" button to begin copying your DVD. Now the data will be saved to a temporary file.

2Copy the files to a new DVD

After copying finished, the program starts encoding DVD and will inform you to insert a suitable blank DVD disc. Now please insert a DVD disc to the hard drive and wait for the copying to be done.

Below is a video tutorial on how to copy dual layer DVD:

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