Movie Metadata: What is Metadata and How to Add Metadata to Movies

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Q: How can I add metadata to my movies?
If you are a diehard movie fan, then you must have hundreds of movie titles saved in your device. However, the more movies you add to your collection, the more difficult it is to sort them out and find the one you need at the moment. Do you know what the easiest solution to this is? Simply use movie metadata and everything becomes a lot simpler. This post will show you how to add metadata to movie videos.

Part 1. How to Search and Embed Movie Metadata Easily & Quickly

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is one of the most able software that will allow users to fetch and add metadata to movie, TV shows, or video files. This is a new feature that makes the whole process of retrieving essential information from your videos a very easy task. More than adding metadata to video, it has many great features:

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

Easily add metadata to videos

  • Helps search metadata for your movie or video automatically.
  • You can add metadata to video including name, episode name, actor, director, tagline, description, release data, definition and more.
  • Convert videos in 500+ formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, MPEG, etc.
  • Download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, etc. losslessly.
  • Transfer movies to iPhone, iPad, or Android phone/tablets.
  • Burn videos to DVD/Blu-ray DVD with free templates.

Simple Steps to Add Movie Metadata with Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

01 Choose Fix Media Metadata

Install and launch Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate on your Windows PC or Mac. Click Toolbox on the top menu. Then choose Fix Media Metadata to get a pop-up window.

Load the movies

02 Fix video metadata

Here click the "..." to load the metadata file to your movie on your local computer. If you don't have such files, you can click on the Search button to let Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate search for your video. Or you can manually enter the information like video type, name, actor, tagline, description, comments and more.

Fix video metadata

03 Save and export video with metadata

At last, click Save to export the video with metadata.

Save and export video with metadata

Part 2. What is Movie Video Metadata

Movie metadata works in almost the same manner as music metadata. It contains short text information on what the movie is about. If music metadata includes the album, artist, and genre of the song, then the movie metadata will contain the plot, synopsis, poster thumbnail, and film credits. And all of these are going to be very helpful when compiling videos on a mobile device or a media player. To add or retrieve movie metadata from your videos, you are going to need special software to help you with it.

Part 3. Recommend Another Tools to Add Movie Metadata

There are several other software that can perform metadata transformation, although they may not have the same features as the Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate . Here are the three most recommended tools for the job:

#1. Media Center Master

Media Center Master allows users to keep or change the movie’s metadata information which includes trailers, backdrops, posters, story plots, and a few other vital data. As a freeware, it makes organizing and collecting videos a very easy task. To use it, simply download, install, and run the software as instructed. It will then try to scan for media titles stored in your computer. To manage the metadata file of the videos it discovered, simply set the desired title following a particular format so each movie file can be renamed in the same way. Note that this program only works under Windows OS, macOS are not compatible now.

Media Center Master

#2. MetaX

Media Center Master is another example of a program that allows for editing movie metadata in batches. While this software works in almost the same way as the ones similar to it does, it assures the easiest way to supply metadata entries for every video you own. Simply populate or type in the information needed such as type of video, director’s name, producer, cast, screenwriter, and title. Then include all the necessary video tags and you’re all set. Users can also mark if video is of HD quality or not. Selecting movie or TV show opens up a different set of metadata entry field options. The problem is that it can just add movie metadata and no video conversion or editing function included.


#3. FilmTag

FilmTag is an app that works on Macintosh computers that allows for easy tagging of movies and videos. However, it can only process one video at a time. Also, it can only handle movies at this time, not yet TV shows. The app is currently in its beta version and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

In a word, video metadata is a helpful feature that users must take advantage of. When looking for a video converter and editing software, it’s important that metadata editing becomes one of its strongest features, as that allows users to easily file, search, group together, and organize movies in just a few taps or clicks. With Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, using movies with metadata information is so much easier with iTunes.

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