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How to Use iMusic's Toolbox

Want to learn how to use iMusic's toolbox? here in this guide, we will show you how to remove DRM from music and how to convert the music format by iMusic .

Part 1: Remove DRM from Music

DRM is short for Digital Rights Management. It is used to protect the paid songs you have downloaded from iTunes Library. DRM protected songs can only played on iPhone, iPod, and iPad. They can’t be played on other devices. You can change the situation by replacing DRM protected songs with non-DRM songs.

Step 1: Run iMusic and Open TOOLBOX

Install iMusic on your computer. Launch it. Next, click “TOOLBOX” menu on the top of the software. From the new windows, click “REMOVE DRM”.

Remove DRM from Music

Step 2: Search for DRM Songs

Songs in your iTunes Library with DRM protection will be displayed in a new window. From there, check them all or selected ones and click “Search”. By doing this, the same songs on YouTube will be found.

Remove DRM from Music

Step 3: Download DRM Songs

Click “Download” on the top right of the window to download the DRM protected songs replacements from YouTube.

Remove DRM from Music

A new dialogue will ask you to confirm the download. Click “Download” to go ahead.

Remove DRM from Music

After then, you can see the download progress on the right side.

Remove DRM from Music

Step 4: Get DRM-Free Songs

After the download, you can click “ITUNES LIBRARY” menu, then the download icon in the same window to check out the DRM-free songs. And a playlist named as “DRM Music - Free” is created in iTunes Library.

Remove DRM from Music

Part 2: Convert Music Format (Only Available for Mac Version)

It makes people frustrated that trying to share songs with friends or family members, only to find that these songs can’t play well on their devices. In this case, you need to convert the music format. iMusic integrated the conversion feature, letting you share music freely.

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Step 1: Run iMusic

Download and install iMusic on your computer. Click “TOOLBOX” menu. Next, click “CONVERT MUSIC”.

Convert Music Format

Step 2: Start the Conversion

Click the “Add” button in the new prompt window to add songs from your computer to the software. Set up the audio format on the right side and the destination to save the converted songs at the bottom of the software. Click “Convert” to begin the conversion.

Convert Music Format