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How to Edit AVCHD Videos to Optimize Your Files

AVCHD file format is used for high definition videos. One of the straightforward ways to get these files is to record your videos with a HD camcorder. The only problem you will have is when it's time for editing AVCHD videos. If you are faced with this problem, then you need to get one of the professional AVCHD Video Editor programs with powerful features. The Aimersoft Video Editor will be the perfect tool.

Aimersoft Video Editor is a reliable software program with full features that will allow you to make changes to your AVCHD files in a quick and easy manner. With cool effects and amazing editing features, you can take your AVCHD videos to the next level without having to worry about loss of quality. The interface is very straightforward and you can follow the step by step guide to accomplish the task.

Download AVCHD Editor:

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Instruction on how to compile an AVCHD video

At this point, you need to know that Aimersoft Video Editor is a cross-platform program. This means that you are able to use it on Windows and Mac computer.

1Load the AVCHD files to the editor

Click on Import to upload the target files to the program. If the files are on your camcorder, you can connect the device to your computer and drag the videos directly to the User's Album.

editing avchd

2Start editing AVCHD video files

To start the editing, you would drag the videos into the Timeline Panel and double click the desired thumbnail to gain access to the Edit window. Here you can rotate video clips to the correct orientation, change the playback speed of the videos, crop the picture of the videos and more.

avchd editing

If you'd like to further personalize your videos, you can click on the tabs above the Timeline Panel. For instance, you can apply special effects and filters, insert transitions to the scenes between clips, add watermarks to identify the creators and so on.

complie avchd files

3Export the edited files

After editing the files, you need to export them. You could save the files directly to your local computer; upload them to YouTube and Facebook to share with online friends, transfer to multimedia devices or burn to DVDs..

Please note that this program gives great support for converting AVCHD files to nearly any video format so that you can play them on any device and system. If you want to convert AVCHD videos to another format, just click on the Format button select the other format. Once you choose the desired format from the pop-up window, the program will do the rest.

Overall, when you are using this AVCHD video editor, you will discover how easy it is to edit your videos with the excellent and easy-to-use features.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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