How to Add Background Music to Video on Windows/Mac

Have you ever wanted to add music to video to spice up your home movies? You know, adding audio to video files can turn a dull, monotonous video into a snappy musical montage. Wondering how to add sound to videos to make your movie more interesting and attractive? Now you can just follow this guide to add audio or background music to touch up your videos in clicks.

Aimersoft Video Editor is recommended to help you add audio to video with different media tracks provided. With a simple drag-n-drop, you can add your favorite music to your video as the background audio. Moreover, it allows you to remove the original sound track. Now download the program and follow the steps below to add audio or music to your video easily and successfully.

Best sites to get background music for videos

Here are the top 5 websites to get free background music for video editing.

1. A music websites where you can find all kinds of music, like background music, rock and roll, classical, rap, hip-hop, Christian and much more.

2. You can directly download any music you like to MP3, SAIFF, or WAV format. The music styles have coverage from classical music to country and western.

3. UniqueTracks: This site offers a wide variety of royalty free music like dance music, jazz, hip-hop, rap and more. Directly downloading to your computer in MP3/WAV format is also supported.

4. ib Audio: At ib Audio, you will find various collections of music like blues, funk, inspirational, rock and more.

5. FilmtvTracks: In Filmtv tracks, you will get free royalty music such as orchestral, percussion, renaissance, jazz, rock and much more.

people have downloaded it
AimerSoft Video Studio 701 is CRAP. After I installed it I clicked on the AimerSoft VideoEditor icon on the desktop and got this error message: "Access violation 00606D5E in module 'VideoEditor.exe'. Write of 00000380." Clicked "OK" the got a mostly black screen with some icons along the top; I clicked on one near the left then got this error message: "Access violation 0060A3B9 in module 'VideoEditor.exe'. Read of address 00000000." I've installed many programs over the years but I've NEVER had this before. Then I tried to close the program and got this error message: "Access violation at address 005FF313 in module 'VideoEditor.exe'. Read of address 0000038C." I had to press CTRL_ALT_DEL then select the offensive item then click END PROGRAM. I then went into CONTROL PANEL then ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS then Remove. Then it tried to connect to the Internet, why? I've removed it now but my computer is really slow. I emailed on the 5th June - STILL NO REPLY. THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME. I will let as many people know of this as is humanly possible.
So it places a watermark on your output unless you purchase it...not terribly helpful as a trial how do we know the full version works as expected. Why not provide a time limited trial instead of this watermark crap
Hi, Mahgoog. Firstly, you can drag the music video to the video track then right click on the video thumbnail and choose Audio Detach. Then the audio track of the music video will be separated in the audio track. Next you can only delete the original video in the video track and then drag the target movie to the video track instead. Lastly,click the Export button to generate the final result.
Is it possible to drag a musicvideo to the \"music-line \" and just add the music to the movie - without adding the movie ( in the the musicvideo ) ? Thats possible in Corel Video Studio Pro - but i cant figure out if one can do it in AVE - which I prefer using .
Does the software support Quicktime video?
Hi,Nelson. After importing the audio, you can directly drag the audio from User\'s Album to the music track on Timeline panel. If necessary,you can compile your audio as you wish. Then click \"Create\" to generate the video.
Hi, i want to know how to add music in a video without replacing the original audio of that video
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, Candy, it\'s a free trial version for you to test whether it is the one you need. While there are some limitations and once purchased, you can get rid of all the limitations. ^_^
is it free download?
awesome software.. thanks
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