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iMovie Tutorial - Comprehensive User Guide on How to Use iMovie

No matter you are new or experienced to iMovie, you can get help from this page. Here we offer you the most comprehensive iMovie tutorials, ranging from the basic features to advanced options. Each video tutorial shows you the detailed steps for accomplishing the editing tasks in iMovie. You can watch the videos simply by clicking the video thumbnails. Now follow the iMovie video tutorial below to create an amazing movie in iMovie.

iMovie Trailers

imovie trailer

With the amazing trailers in iMovie, you can create cinema-quality movies without any hassle.

iMovie Themes

imovie project themes

You can easily put your videos to the next level by adding iMovie themes to your projects.

iMovie Subtitles

subtitles in imovie

Adding subtitles in iMovie can make your projects more self-expressive and more attractive.

Using Green Screen in iMovie

green screen imovie

The video tutorial shows you the simple steps for applying green screen effect in your iMovie project.

iMovie Transitions

imovie transition

You can add transitions between clips in iMovie to smooth the switches from scene to scene.

iMovie Special Effects

imovie video effects

The provided special effects in iMovie gives you the possibility of turning home videos into eye-catching movies.

Add Music to iMovie

imovie music

Adding music to iMovie is an effective way to enhance the overall effect of your video. Here is the solution.

Import Video into iMovie

imovie import

You can import videos to iMovie from various sources like camcorders, memory-based devices, flash drive etc.

Export iMovie Project

imovie export

Learn how to export iMovie projects after you have finished editing your media files with this video editing tool.

Make a Movie on iMovie

make a movie in imovie

This video tutorial tells you how to start a new projects iMovie and how to save and move iMovie projects.

What I saw was a joke. I want to edit music. I don''t see any music icon. I did find an itunes in content library. But there is nothing to clip the music. I can move anything it just starts playing. Most of the videos are by kids who want to talk about their girlfriends are by giggling idiots who don''t even use iMovie.
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