Aimersoft Video Editor

Final Cut Pro for Windows

Powerful and professional video editing software for Windows that lets you personalize media files and create amazing movies just in clicks.

  • Works well with Windows operating systems, including Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.
  • Accepts video, audio and image files with nearly any format.
  • Provides professional-grade features to optimize your files.
  • Offers hundreds of visual and sound effects to touch up videos.
  • Multiple channels to share your amazing work with the world.
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Final Cut Pro for Windows - Personalize Videos with Fantasy (Windows 10 included)

Final Cut Pro is a gorgeous video editing program developed by Apple, which has developed a large and expanding user base. But unfortunately, like iMovie, Final Cut Pro is designed only for Macs. Windows users are not able to simply port this program to Windows easily. So the best way-out is to jump over to a Final Cut Pro for Windows.

Filmora Video Editor is an excellent Final Cut Pro Windows equivalent with incredibly powerful features, which can edit, process, and output your movie to a wide variety of formats in a straightforward process, allowing you to take very specific control over almost every aspect of your movie in clicks. The most important is this program will not leave Windows-based PCs out of the equation entirely. In addition to Mac OS, it works well in Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

It provides non-destructive editing of almost any video, audio and image format including AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, JPG, BMP, MP3, WMA and more.

What Can Aimersoft Video Editor Do for You?

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Personalize Media Files with Rich Features

As a Final Cut Pro alternative, this program provides users with indispensable basic features to personalize your movie. You can crop videos manually or automatically to remove black bars, trim video to extract any segment you like, split a large video file into short video clips, merge related video files into an integrated one, rotate videos/images horizontally or vertically, speed up or slow down the playback of video/audio, add or detach background audio files and more. What you need to do is simply drag-n-drop and click a few times. This solid program will do the rest for you instantly.

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Wow the Audience with Diverse Effects

This Final Cut Pro for Windows also offers you many cool effects to make your movie professional looking. You can choose from 50+ special effects to better visual experience, add animated transitions between video clips, easily achieve video overlay with picture-in-picture effect, add Intro/credit, text or image to identify creator, apply special sound effects to make video dramatic. You can even record a video or a voiceover at anytime with only one click.

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Share Your Movie Anytime and Anywhere

After editing your movie, this Final Cut Pro for Windows equivalent provides you different options for re-publishing your work. You can save the file to the target directory in your local computer with favorite output format. If you prefer to directly export your file to the portable devices for later watching anywhere, you can find your device from the list and configure settings to make your video more suitable to different screen size. If you can't wait to share your movie on YouTube andFacebook, sign your account and that's it. You can even burn the movie to DVD disc and send it to family and friends as a precious gift.

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