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Downloading MP3 music on iPhone has become a very pesky task. MP3 music downloader will let you virtually save any type of MP3 files from different websites on your iPhone. Previously, there were some applications available in the Appstore which would let you search and download music from their server. However, the whole scenario has changed now, you will have to be either subscribe to a paid service to get the tracks offline or will have to buy the songs from the iTunes on your iPhone. Both of these tasks are very lengthy and not all type of music is present on one service, these applications will rip off a lot of money from users’ pockets. Downloading music from different websites on your computer is also not possible, there is no way of downloading tracks from the Spotify or the Pandora. However, all of this can be possible using the Aimersoft Music Recorder.

How to Download MP3 Music for iPhone x/8/8 Plus/7s/7/7 Plus

Aimersoft Music Recorder for Windows (or Aimersoft Music Recorder for Mac) is more than a simple audio recording application which is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. This application will record music from more than 500 different websites and the quality of the music is the best one for any recorder. The mechanism behind the working of this application is pretty much simple, all you have to do is to play the song on your computer and run the application in the background. It will automatically record the music from these websites. It works perfectly with the most popular websites such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, YouTube, 8Tracks and much more. The best part that I love about Aimersoft Music Recorder is that it will automatically skip the Ads while recording the music. So, if you played a YouTube video and there were some Ads at the start of the song, it will skip those Ads and will only record the Audio Tracks. Moreover, it will automatically split each and every track and you don’t have to do anything at all.

One of the most common problems associated with the normal Audio recording software is that you will have to add the information manually for each song that you record. However, the things are pretty much different with the Aimersoft Music Recorder, it will automatically identify the songs and will add the ID3 information in each songs. You don’t even have to enter the title, artist and album of the song that you are listening, all of this information will be automatically added. With only one click, all the songs can be transferred to the iTunes which will make it pretty much to transfer these songs to your iPhone. After recording the songs, you can also convert them to Ringtones and set them as ringtones on your iPhone. In other words, you will not have to search for the perfect ringtones for your favorite songs, just record the songs in Aimersoft Music Recorder and convert the MP3 songs to the Ringtones. Here’s the step by step guide on how you can use the Aimersoft Music Recorder to download the music for your iPhone.

Step-by-step Guide to Use the MP3 Music Downloader for iPhone to Download Songs to iPhone:

Step 1. Install the program

The very first step is to download the Aimersoft Music Recorder for Windows and Mac OS X. After getting the software, the installation process is pretty much simple, you don’t have to follow a long wizard, just open the software and click on the Install, and everything else is pretty much simple.

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Step 2. Record music

Now, go to the music streaming website or such as YouTube and play the song that you want to record. Click on the Record button in the top left corner of the software. It will automatically start the recording from the point when song plays. You can minimize the Aimersoft Music Recorder during recording.

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Step 3. Transfer downloaded MP3 music to iPhone

Once the recording is finished, hit the same button and it will save the track on your computer. Click on the Library and here you will find all the recorded or downloaded tracks on your computer. Right click on your track and here you will find different options to convert the music to ringtones for your iPhone. If you want to check the folder of recorded song, click on the “Open in Folder”. However, if you want to transfer the music from your computer to your iTunes. Click on Add to iTunes Library. You can also use the little symbol to add the music to the iTunes. As soon as you hit the iTunes button, a new dialogue will be pop-up showing the transfer of the music tracks to iTunes.Once the transferred the music, it will automatically open the iTunes on your computer from where you can transfer the music without any hassle.

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