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Compare iPad mini 2 with iPad mini: What’s the Difference?

If you are an iPad fan, it is highly likely that you are weighing your options, just like many other consumers, in trying to decide if you should get the iPad mini or iPad mini 2. Some suggest that persons should use any of these two and then shift to an iPad 3 or 4 with noticeable difference in the Retina and non-Retina displays which have cleaner, sharper and better looking content. This is why this article was written to help you understand the differences between iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2. Read on to know more.

The information below will look at the different features to help you compare to the two iPad minis.

iPad mini 2

  • Design:

The new iPad is not offering a redesign of the original which is not really surprising since it does not make sense to fix something if it’s not broken. The fingerprint sensor is also missing, so you might be disappointed if you are expecting this technology.

When it comes to the size, there is hardly any difference between these two devices. If you compare the Wi-Fi and Cellular models, the iPad mini 2 has a measurement of 200 by 134.7 by 7.5mm, whilst the original iPad mini measures 200 by 134.7 by 7.2mm. The difference is only 0.3mm.

The weight difference is slightly more obvious as the new mini has an A7 processor and Retina display, making it slightly heavier than its forerunner. It weighs 341g to 29g, tipping the scales heavier than the first model at 312g.

  • Display:

Just like what many expected, the new iPad has a Retina display and an improved 7.9 inch screen. This enhances the mini iPad resolution as it increases from 768 by 1024 pixels up to 1536 by 2048 pixels. There is a clear difference as the new mini screen has pixels rating of 326 per inch, whilst the original has only 163.

  • Connectivity:

Everything will look the same when you check out the connectivity for the first time. The new mini iPad, like the old model, comes with cellular versions of Wi-Fi plus and Wi-Fi only, which include HSDPA/3G, LTE and CDMA. In addition, the two has Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n. The real difference is the Wi-Fi chip that is in the newer iPad mini as it supports 2.4GHz & 5 GHz Wi-Fi channels with MIMO to deliver greater wireless connectivity. Even though this might not sound like a lot, the Multiple Input-Output technology has been used for a while now on broadband routers and has shown that they can double up the speeds effectively for data download.

  • Camera:

One has to examine the camera when checking the differences between iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2. The cameras on the iPad mini 2 are tweaked slightly. The same elements are on the rear cameras, 5MP lens and f/2.4 aperture. The two have a set of features which include face detection; autofocus; tap control for exposure; Hybrid IR filter; geotagging; HDR, tap to focus, and 1080p video recording.

Besides that, the 1.2-MP front-facing FaceTime camera will not look any different at first glance, but there is a Backside Illumination Sensor that can improve the camera's overall performance when used in conditions with poor lighting. The improved mini iPad supports video zoom of three-times on the central iSight camera.

  • Processor:

iPad mini 2 has an improved processor and this one of the other reasons why this new model is rated as a significant development. The first-generation iPad mini was introduced with A5 dual-core processor that runs the iPad 2 and the latest model uses a 64-bit A7 dual-core CPU with M7 motion co-processor chip, the same that one powers the iPhone 5S.

  • Battery Life:

Apple is very careful when it comes to retaining the ten hour battery life, regardless of the technology that is used, as is noticeable with the iPad launch. This new mini iPad is no exception as it comes with a little extra to make up for the A7 processor and Retina display.

  • Storage:

As it pertains to the storage, the iPad mini 2 is now available with 128, 64, 32 or 16GB storage options. This matches the capabilities of the iPad with the 9.7-inch screen. The original iPad mini did not offer the 128GB storage mode and Apple is only offering a 16GB option at the moment.

Hopefully, this information is enough to help you understand the differences between iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2. Overall, the new iPad mini is giving you some compelling features to encourage an upgrade. The A7 processor is definitely giving the speed a significant boost with the 64-bit architecture playing a vital role. Based on the feedback to date, Apple just had to introduce a mini iPad with a Retina display to give users a great device. You can find additional details on both devices if you want to look at some of the other differences.

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