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How to Download and Convert Vimeo to MP4 Effortlessly

Vimeo is a fast-growing video sharing website that contains many high-quality videos. In recent years it has gained great popularity among worldwide users. More and more people like viewing, uploading and even downloading wonderful videos from this site. But what if you've downloaded some Vimeo videos but only found that the files are not supported by your media player or mobile devices? One practical suggestion is to convert Vimeo videos to MP4.

To do this, you need turn to Aimersoft YouTube Downloader. This program is specifically designed for downloading and converting online videos. With this fabulous program, you can download your favorite videos from not only Vimeo, but also from other 1000+ video sharing sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Break, Metacafe, Hulu, VEVO and more. Also, its brilliant converting feature can help you convert the downloaded media files to tons of formats like MP4, MOV, M4V and so forth. Only with a few simple clicks, the conversion will be carried out with fast speed and high quality. Additionally, you can extract the beautiful music from downloaded files without any hassle using this integrated video downloader and converter.

This Vimeo to MP4 converter enjoys an intuitive and simply interface. Anyone can handle it without any difficulty. Now, follow the steps below to change Vimeo files to MP4! You’ll find that the whole process is as easy as pie.

Download Vimeo to MP4 Converter:

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How to download Vimeo to MP4

1Locate the target video on Vimeo

After running the program, then you need to visit Vimeo.com and search for the videos you want to download.

Note: Window users can also visit vimeo.com through the built-in browser. Simply click "Online Video" menu on the top of the program's primary interface and input www.vimeo.com.

2Download your favorite Vimeo videos

This program offers you different options for downloading:

1) Copy the videos URL in the browser and click "Paste URL" on the left top of the Downloader's window;

Download vimeo videos

2) Click the "Download" button that appears on the top right corner of the target video.

Then the video you choose will be downloaded and saved in the target folder automatically.

Save vimeo files

Note: Mac version also lets users drag the video's URL directly to the main interface of the program to start downloading process.

3Transform Vimeo to MP4

When the videos have been downloaded successfully, please turn to the "Downloaded" menu and click the "Convert" button next to the video thumbnail. Then choose MP4 from the video category of output format option and click "OK" to start converting. Note: If you want to extract audio from Vimeo videos, just choose audio format like MP3 or AAC, etc. as the output format.

Convert vimeo to mp4

Download Mac VersionDownload Windows Version

About Vimeo

Vimeo is a video sharing website founded in 2004 in New York City. The site currently receives 65 million visitors monthly and has 8 million active members. Vimeo ranks third to YouTube and Facebook when it comes to popularity and traffic.

Many independent filmmakers use Vimeo as a platform to promote and share their movies. There are many famous users on Vimeo as well, as the site allows members to host unique content. Two of the most popular people that uses Vimeo are Britney Spears and The White House. Britney's ‘Radar' music video premiered on Vimeo. The White House, on the other hand, regularly posts broadcasts to the site.

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t's annoying to download a video onto my Mac only to find out that it doesn't work. The YouTube Downloader and Converter Mac lets me get videos I want plus convert to mp4, a more universally accepted format for video players. Not to mention how I can even output the file for my Android device. This is the only video downloader and converter software that I know of which will let you do that.
Well the tutorial is well explained and now i can easily convert all the vimeo videos to mp4 and can play in my mobile and other devices. Thanks
Sohail Khan
Well i've already download the software recently but never tried it.. but after reading the tutorial its very easy to use and convert any files.
Can't agree any more!!!
Aimersoft Employee
We're glad to know that. ^_^. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.
I have downloaded your software and found your instructions here to be very helpful. Thank you! I am looking forward to getting started with downloading videos!
Mandie K.
Cool, thanks for sharing this! I like that that the software can also extract just the audio from the video. That would be a great way to get some good soundtracks to listen too!
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