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Hulu Plus vs iTunes vs Amazon vs Netflix - A Comprehensive Comparison

Streaming video provides instant, endless entertainment, and the volume and variety of content available on streaming services is only getting bigger. Hulu Plus, iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Instant Video provide massive content libraries available at a low monthly price. They make for a great way to provide entertainment to everyone in the household.

If you're trying to figure out which of the "big four" options is right for you - and trying to stick to a frugal budget - you'll be very interested in our breakdown of the four major streaming video providers below. We compare interface, selection, price, supported devices, and video quality so you know what each service delivers, and what each one doesn't.

hulu itunes amazon netflix infographic


Netflix and Hulu both offer similar interfaces, letting you browse through genres, scroll through covers, and flip through grids of various content in specific categories.

The differences? Netflix tends to prioritize its recommendations based on the items you watch instead of based on the usual categories and genres, whereas Hulu puts the most popular content at the front and provides a more fluid interface.

Amazon, on the other hand, is its standard ugly self - you'll have to know exactly what you're looking for to find anything.

Last but not least is iTunes, which offers the best interface of all. The layout is similar to Hulu and Netflix, but it's sleeker and more fluid, and just nicer to use. Content art is always clear to view.


Overall Netflix seems to offer the best balance of selection, price, easy to use interface, video quality, and support for devices. The other services excel in some areas - in particular, Hulu's TV and classic movie selection, iTunes' "Buy Once Watch As Much As You Like" model - but Netflix seems to offer the most well rounded experience out there.

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