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How to Put Videos on iPod (iPod touch 5) in Windows

It seems that watching videos on portable devices, like cell phones, iPod touch, iPod classic has become a trend. People who are busy all day would like to put videos on iPod, so they can enjoy videos wherever and whenever they like. However, only several videos, like MP4 videos, M4V videos, MOV videos, are compatible with iPod. iPod says no to other commonly video, like AVI, WMV, etc.. To solve the problem, this article is specially written down to tell you how to put videos on iPod. This tutorial includes two parts:

How to convert videos to iPod compatible formats in Windows

To convert videos to movies to iPod friendly formats, you need a video tool. In the article, we use Video Converter Ultimate. I am accustomed to using it, because it is able to handle all the video format changing things for me. It can convert both standard video formats, like AVI, WMV, 3GP, etc. and high definition videos, like HD MKV, HD MP4, HD MOV and so on. Moreover, it has helped me rip DVD content to common videos, so I am able to watch these movies more conveniently. Let's see how to run it.

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1 Download and install the video converter

After you download the Installation package, click the .exe file to install the app.

2 Add videos to the app

Click the Add Files button to add video files. Click the Load DVD button to import DVD files. This Video Converter Ultimate supports batch conversion, so you can add a few video files at one time.

put videos on iPod

3 Choose the output format

Now you should click the "Output Format" column to choose iPod friendly format, say, MP4, MOV or M4V. You can find them in the category of "Format > Video".

put movies on iPod

Another option is choosing iPod directly as the output format. On the "Apple" list, choose the corresponding iPod model as the output format.

how to put videos on iPod

4 Start the conversion

It is cool, huh? This Video Converter Ultimate is an indispensible app in my digital life. It is always there whenever you need to solve video conversion problem.

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