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How to Create Custom DVD Menu with Aimersoft DVD Creator

Making home DVD movies is a popular way to preserve and share sweet home life memory with family and friends. When burning the home DVDs, you must want to make a custom DVD menu to make the homemade DVDs more personalized. This article will teach you how to create DVD menu with Aimersoft DVD Creator in a few mouse clicks!

Aimersoft DVD Maker for Windows is a professional DVD burning software to help you burn home videos to DVD with ease. Regular video formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, etc are all well-supported. More than 40 free DVD menu templates are provided for custom DVD burning. You can also custom the DVD menu with your favorite images, buttons, music, etc. The equivalent Mac version is Aimersoft DVD Creator Mac. Just free download the right version and follow the steps below to make DVD menus.

Download DVD Creator:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to create DVD menu with ease

Note: This guide uses Aimersoft DVD Creator for Windows (Windows 8 compatible) screenshots. Though The DVD menu templates on Mac version and Windows (Windows 8 compatible) version are different, both let you customize the DVD menus as you like.

After downloading, install and launch it. Click the "Import" button to add some videos and photos you want to burn to the program. If you'd like to edit the videos, you can click the Edit button beside the video clip to edit and personalize your videos.

Then go to the "Menu" tab. And you will see the below window, where you can choose a DVD menu template and customize the text, frame and button. Just drag and drop to change the DVD menu display.

create dvd menu

If you'd like further customization, click the Edit menu button to get access to the Customize menus window.

make dvd menu

1. Customize main background: As you can see, you can either use the frame of the video or choose an image from your computer to set as the background picture.

2. Customize background music: For background music, you can choose your favorite songs and set the fade in and fade out effects. You can also trim the music to get the part you want and adjust music volume to get the best effect.

3. Customize the thumbnails: For the scene thumbnails, the same as main background, you can use the frame of a video or your favorite image as the thumbnail.

After you finished the customization, you can go to "Preview" tab to preview your DVD menu. If you are not satisfied with it, go to "Menu" to modify it until it goes right. If it's OK, you can go to "Burn", select the output name and burn your home videos to DVD discs. You can also save the files to your computer in ISO or DVD folder.

Below is the video tutorial on how to create DVD menu:

Download DVD Maker:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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Simply scroll down among the menu templates and choose ''No Menu'' at the end.
I agree the title page is just an extra step. Would like to know how to get rid of it.
Is there any way to get rid of the title page. If I'm doing a disc with episodes it would be nice to have the main menu page and when you hit scenes it goes directly to the chapters page with your episodes listed. Right now when I hit scenes it then goes to the title page and you have to it the box to take you to the chapter page showing the separate episodes. A little confusing and an extra step that's not needed.
Hi, you can download the free trial and add DVD menu to your videos.
Hi. DVD Creator also has many wonderful editing features. It lets to compile your files before burning them to DVD. Why not have a try!
Video Guy
Sai - this is not a video editor!
Sure be nice to at your own images especially for the Main Menu... or is that for registered users?
I'm trying to create a Custom DVD Menu, unfortunately none of the instructions here actually match with the program. I don't see a Menu tab like in the pictures. I assume its because I am on a Mac, so I clicked the Menu button that is below all the templates, but I don't see a "Customize Background" button anywhere. Is there actually a way to make Custom DVD Menu's within your program?
Hi,shane. You can also hit the Menu tab and then click Customize Background. In the pop-up window, you can tick Use Other Image to load any picture you like.
Ye but then I still have the scene selection on the Main page... I can't delete it. I have to manually drag every single one off of the screen so the main page is a title cover like all standard DVD movies. Plus the templates have Powerpoint timing with some of the templates. The background music doesn't kick in till around 10 seconds after everything has finished appearing or sliding into place which makes it look like an edit mistake. Honestly, the biggest problem you guys have is the templates; The preloaded ones aren't what we as a community are looking for and the ones off of the website aren't making your case any better. Alfred Sette has the same problem I'm having.
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