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How to Rotate YouTube Videos without Quality Loss

More and more people are fond of opening personal YouTube channel and upload homemade videos to share with family and friends. But some of the videos are shot with sideways-held phones so that the files cannot be viewed in right position. Another situation is that your videos look normal in computer, but when uploading to YouTube, they become upside-down somehow. This can really frustrate and annoy you. But how to get rid of this embarrassing situation? Rotating YouTube videos is no doubt the key. This is why you will find many people in different forums are looking for effective ways to accomplish the task.

If you are one of those people, look no further than Aimersoft Video Editor. This excellent editing program is equipped with rich features that can help you rotate just about any video clip to any degree in an easy and quick manner. The process of YouTube video rotation will be completed in a very short time. And the program will not degrade the quality of video and its background audio.

After rotating, you can further personalize your YouTube videos with basic editing functions, making it more enjoyable. In addition, this program also brings you more surprise with abundant special effects, transitions, picture-in-picture effects and more.

Download video editor:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to Rotate YouTube Video 90 Degrees

Video Editor works well in both Windows and Mac OS. This tutorial will take Windows version as example. Mac users please install Video Editor for Mac and follow the same steps as below.

1Load the files to the program

This program offers you the following three ways to import your video:

  • Click the Import button above the User's Album to browse for the target folder;
  • Directly drag the video from your hard drive to the program;
  • Click the Video Editor icon on the top left corner of the interface and select Add Files.

Load youtube video

When all the files have been successfully loaded, you are ready to go to the next step.

Note: You are also allowed to upload a whole folder into the program. Click the triangle button next to Import and select Add Folder, then all the video clips will be added to the media library at one go.

2Turn YouTube video 90 degrees and more

After placing the video in the Timeline panel, the clip will be displayed as thumbnail in the video track. You can then double click on the clip to open the Edit box. The four options for rotation are listed in the first row, which include: Rotate 90 degrees clockwise, rotate 90 degrees anti-clockwise, horizontal flip, vertical flip.

Click each of the first two buttons several times will accordingly result in 180┬░or 270┬░rotation. In addition, horizontal flip is to reverse the video upside-down while vertical flip is to make left-right reversal.

youtube video rotation

Note: The real-time results will be shown in the Preview window. Make sure the video has been rotated to correct position.

3Export the video after rotating

Click the Create button and choose one proper way to export your new video. This program offers four different ways of output. Your video can be either saved to local computer or exported to portable devices. If necessary, this program can also help you convert the video to any formats you like, making it well fit different devices or systems. Moreover, if you can't wait to share your video with family and friends, you can also upload it directly to YouTube or burn to a DVD disc.

Since you have put your YouTube videos in correct viewing position, now you can happily enjoy them without being bothered with this problem anymore!

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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My brother in law always records his children with the camera on the wrong side, so he always uploads video files that are skinny with wide black bars on the side. It's annoying to watch to be honest and I have no idea why he could never remember to record properly. I've pretty much given up on the hopes that he would one day stop making the same mistakes, so I found a work around by using aimersoft to rotate the youtube videos that he uploads of my nephews. Not the best solution, but a great work around.
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