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How to Rotate iPhone Video (iPhone 6S Included)

Nowadays, more and more people like recording beautiful things happened in their daily life with the built-in camera of iPhone. But if you hold your iPhone in the vertical position while shooting a video, you might find that the video is not oriented correctly when playing on your computer. How to make yourself out of this dilemma? Turn to Aimersoft Video Editor right now, for this iPhone video rotator (Mac verison) will guide you to the way-out.

This powerful program provides you various options for correcting the video to the normal view, allowing you to rotate iPhone(iPhone 6S) video permanently without recompression and quality loss. You can not only turn the video 90, 180, 270 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise, but also flip the video to result in upside-down or left-right reversal. All the work will be finished with a few clicks. Now download the right version for your PC and start the process of rotating!

Download video editor:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to rotate an iPhone(iPhone 6S) video in minutes

Below is a tutorial about rotating iPhone video to correct its viewing position in Windows. Mac users can follow the same steps.

1Load your iPhone video

First and foremost, you need to run the program and load your video to the User's Album. Hit "Import" button to browse your folder and select the target video. When the video is imported, you can then drag it to the timeline panel.

Load iphone video

2Rotate video from iPhone (iPhone 6S)

Point the video thumbnail in the video track and click "Edit" button to enter edit panel. You will then see the "Rotate" option like the attached picture shows:

  • 90° clockwise (click twice or three times, the video will accordingly be rotated 180° or 270° clockwise);
  • 90° anticlockwise (click twice or three times, the video will accordingly be rotated 180° or 270° anticlockwise);
  • Horizontal flip: the video will be reversed left to right;
  • Vertical flip: the video will be reversed upside down.

Edit M2TS video

The real-time result after rotating will be shown in the preview window. If the result is not what you want, click "Reset" to start over.

Note: After rotating your iPhone video to the correct orientation, you can further edit it with the options in the edit panel. For example, by moving the brightness-slider, you make your video brighter or darker. By moving the speed-slider, you can speed up or slow down the playback of the video to a pleasant rate.

3Output the final video

Preview the video to check whether it has been rotated to the correct orientation. Then click "Create" to choose your way of output. If you'd like to export the video to your iPhone (iPhone 6S) or other portable devices, please click "Device".

In addition to this option, this program also allows you to save the video to the file folder in your computer, share it on YouTube or burn it to DVD. Now choose the way that suits your need best!

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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