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How to Convert AVI to HTC

With the constant release of new systems like Android series, HTC phones become more and more popular among people all over the world. According to a recent survey, the marketing share of Android is now approaching Apple. People who have an HTC phone on their hand are in large number. Therefore, there is a great demand for playing audio and video files on HTC. AVI files are one of the most common formats of videos. However, they cannot be played directly on HTC. What we have to do is to convert AVI to HTC, convert AVI to HTC Desire so that we can play our favorite AVI files freely on our HTC phones. With a decent Video Converter Ultimate, let's check out the step-by-step guide on how to make it.

Free download AVI to HTC Converter, install and launch it.

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1 Add AVI Files

Click "Add Files" to add AVI files from the PC local to the program, and you will see the main interface as below:


Besides, you can also click Edit  button to edit the video with effect, watermark, crop and subtitle as you like.

2 Choose the Output Method

After the aforementioned stuff, all you need to do now is to convert AVI to HTC. Well, you can click to choose the profile which includes variuos formats and devices, then HTC to select which one of the HTC relevant devices you want to convert your AVI files to.


Before the final conversion, if you want to reset the settings, click "Settings" to get it done. For example, if your pet is HTC Desire, you can set the data as below and click OK to finish setting:


3 Convert AVI to HTC Desire

Now, please click Convert button to convert AVI to HTC. After conversion, those files will be automatically uploaded to iTunes. Next, you are supposed to connect your HTC phone to your computer. After that, you can transfer your AVI files directly to your HTC.

Tip for making your own wallpapers on HTC

Before making a wallpaper the best thing is to find out your phone's native screen resolution. For example, in my HTC Fuze I go to “Settings -> Systems -> Device Information -> Hardware” and it tells me that my display resolution is 480 pixels x?640 pixels. Once you do that it's a smooth ride. Now you just have to find an image you like and resize or crop it to that native resolution. To achieve resizing or cropping, you can simply use the Paint Tool that is found in all windows operating systems. Once you make your custom image and resize it, just send it to your phone and set it as the wallpaper. And there you have it!

With professional Video Converter Ultimate, you will never be bothered by the process of converting AVI to HTC. Meanwhile, you can freely enjoy watching videos on your favorite portable device.

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