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How to Convert AVI on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

New things will always push the old ones aside with their new features. For example, the latest Apple OS - Mac OS X 10.9 or Mavericks is one such development that made all Mac fans delightful with its new features and specifications. But the only limitation to the new operating systems is the compatibility feature. One typical case is that you still can’t play and watch AVI files on Mac. With the old versions of Mac, you can play or convert different video files easily but with this latest Mac OS X Mavericks, conversion process is very tough.

Don't worry yet there is one solution for all Mac users who are facing compatibility issues with their new operating systems - Mavericks. All you need to do is to download the professional AVI converter for Mavericks, which is specially designed for Mac OS X 10.9.

The AVI converter for Mac OS X 10.9 is the best converter that deserves 5 star rating from all users. The rich features and fastness you get from using the AVI converter is beyond words. With the help of this converter, you can convert AVI on Mavericks easily without any hassles. It is sensitive to the latest technology and the AVI converter responds quickly and ensures complete compatibility with Mac OS X Mavericks.

This AVI converter for Mavericks enjoys more advantages than this. By making use of it, you can also convert video formats like FLV, MP4, MKV, WMV, 3GP, MP4 and many more. What's more, there are only four simple steps involved in the conversion process. Read on to learn the step by step conversion process.

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Steps to convert AVI files on Mac OS X Mavericks

Download and install Aimersoft AVI converter for Mavericks on your Mac. Run it and follow the tutorial below to begin converting AVI video files now.

1 Load AVI video files to the converter

In this step, you need to import the AVI video you want to convert by clicking on the Add Files option. Another way to load files is the simple drag-and-drop operation. You can add many files at a time and convert them with one click.

avi converter for mavericks

2 Choose a video format for output file

When you complete the importing process, you will be presented with a drop-down pop-up box. At this stage you can choose the video format you need for the conversion. For example, if you want to convert AVI to MP4, you have to select the MP4 format out of the options as output format. If you want to convert AVI to iPhone 5 playable formats, you can do it simply by going into Apple Device option and selecting iPhone 5 preset option. There are more than 280 pre-set profiles that you can use in this latest converter.

convert avi on mavericks

3 Select an output folder

Now, you need to select a place to save the output/converted file. To do this, you need to click on Browse option and choose a folder where you want to save the file.

4 Start the conversion process

This is the final step. At this step you need to press on the Convert button and the converter will start the conversion process immediately. You can check the conversion progress in the main window of this program. With these simple steps, you can convert AVI on Mac OS X 10.9 as well as any video formats with few clicks. Happy converting!

Download AVI converter for Mavericks:

Download Mac Version

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