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How to Convert WMA to MP3 with Ease in Windows/Mac

The WMA (Windows Media Audio) format is popular among a number of audio download platforms. They may also provide more efficiency regarding the storage space compared to the MP3 format. However, WMA format may not be compatible with a large number of media players and some of the portable MP3 payers. In addition, even though WMA format may be compatible with the Windows operating system but may not find support with all the programs on the MAC platform. Therefore, a large number of people are there who wish to convert WMA to MP3 format because of the universality of the latter.

Among various quality audio converters to convert from WMA to MP3 format, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate can be the perfect choice for converting a wide range of audio and video files into a format of your choice. It is an excellent tool for solving all file conversion related tasks including converting WMA to MP3 format. It enables its users to convert from over 50 different types of audio and video file formats according to your preferences.

This WMA to MP3 converter tool can change WMA to MP3 format without compromising with the quality of the audio file for richer user experience. It provides you with the option for one click conversion. All you need to do is select the file format you wish to convert and then select any of the other formats as the output formats. A single click after that is enough to start the conversion process and convert the audio or video file into the format you wish. Thus, you can convert WMA file to MP3 format without facing any glitches or complexities.

Download WMA to MP3 Converter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Steps to convert WMA format to MP3 in Windows (Windows 8)

This WMA to MP3 converter works in Windows operating system (Windows 8 included). If you are using a Mac, simply turn to Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac that can carry out WMA to MP3 conversion as well as other video/audio format conversion on Mac OS X (Mountain Lion). Just note that the screenshots in the procedures below are taken from the Windows version.

1 Import WMA files to the converter

Run this WMA converter after installing it in your Windows-based computer. Click the Add Files button to choose and import the WMA files to be converted. You can also load files by easy drag-and-drop operation.

convert wma to mp3

2 Choose MP3 as the output format

In the second step, you need to designate MP3 as the output file format: Open the Output Format menu by clicking the pull-down arrow. Choose MP3 in the Audio format category. The Setting option is not necessary, but allows you to customize the audio encoder, channel, sample rate and bit rate.

wma to mp3 converter

3 One click to start converting WMA to MP3

When you complete the output format settings, all you have to do is to click the Convert button on the right bottom of the WMA audio converter. After the conversion is finished, transfer the converted MP3 files to your media player and now you can enjoy them without any hassles.

Download WMA to MP3 converter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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