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How to Rip and Convert DVD to Play on PC

Is it possible to watch a DVD on a PC? That is the question many computer users ask. However, many do not understand that watching DVD on PC is not just a matter of connecting the right devices but also having the necessary software to make things run smoothly. Unfortunately, playing DVDs on a PC isn’t as easy as loading the disc in, like in standalone DVD players. PC’s don’t work like that at all.

Given the fact that you have the correct hardware in place, do make sure that you have an updated media player installed in your system. Windows Media Player is a great choice for Windows. However, there are other options out there too. To play the file in the disc, simply browse to the file on the DVD and play away. Another way to watch movies/videos in DVD on PC is to rip DVD to PC readable format. Let’s see talk about these two methods in details.

Method 1: Watch DVD on PC by ripping DVD to PC supported format

Method 2: Play DVD on PC by installing necessary codec

Method 1: Watch DVD on PC by ripping DVD to PC supported format

If you are not familiar with the knowledge of computer hardware and DVD technology or feel tired with the complicated codec installation, then you won’t miss this way to watch DVD on PC. That is ripping DVD to PC playable video format. To rip a DVD to PC, Aimersoft DVD Ripper for PC is the tool that highly recommended. Mac users please turn to Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac, which is well compatible with Mac OS X (Mountain Lion and Mavericks).

Download Windows Version Download Mac DVD Ripper

As a professional yet easy-to-use DVD to PC converter, Aimersoft DVD Ripper can remove all the obstacles when you try to open and play DVD files on your computer. It can convert DVD to PC supported video format like AVI, WMV, MP4 and more. Apart from that, you can also adjust or amend the DVD videos with the built-in video editor. What’s more, this DVD to PC ripper is very simple to handle, even a novice that embrace nothing about the DVD ripping skill can conduct the DVD to PC conversion with ease.

Below are the steps to convert DVD to play on PC:

1 Load DVD Files

Launch the program and click Load DVD to import the DVD movies you want to convert. As you see, all added DVD files will be displayed on the left item bar. You can then preview them on the right, select the subtitle and audio track, take snapshots, etc. as you like.

dvd to pc

2 Choose an output format

Next, select an output video/audio format you prefer. As you see, almost all common video and audio formats are provided. Meanwhile, you can also select a device as the output to get videos with the best settings to fit your device. Video presets for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, HTC, Samsung, etc. are offered.

Start the DVD conversion

At last, click the Start button to start converting your movies and let the DVD to PC converter do the rest for you. When then conversion completes, click Find Target to get the ripped video or audio files. You can then enjoy them anywhere you like.

That's all you need to follow to convert DVD on PC. It’s extremely easy, right? Download Aimersoft DVD Ripper to convert your DVD files to PC now!

Below is the video tutorial on how to convert DVD to play on PC:

Download Windows Version Download Mac DVD Ripper

Method 2: Play DVD on PC by installing necessary codec

A. What kind of PC Supports DVD?

Most high end PC computers today, from Pentium 4 up to the latest release, will support DVD playback. The only major requirement is for the computer to have a functional DVD drive installed. To check if your system has one, simply check My Computer and look under Removable Storage. It should say DVD under that category. The computer also has to run Windows XP or higher for the DVD to work.

rip dvd to pc

B. If your PC can't play DVD, what can you do?

In any case that your PC still can’t play DVDs even with the hardware and the media player in place, the issue could lie with the codecs. Codec issues are determined by the different error messages appearing on the screen every time users attempt to play a DVD. Install the necessary MPEG 2 codec in the computer so you can play DVDs on your computer with full ease. If you are not very familiar on how to download and install MPEG codecs, you can always opt to install a more advanced media player in your computer already includes the necessary codecs within the installation.

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