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How to Convert DVD to H.264 in Windows and Mac

If you want to play DVD files on devices, like HDTV, iPod, iPhone, iPad 2, Android-based phones, PSP, as well as other portable devices, you need to convert DVD to H.264 first. For DVD is usually compressed in MPEG-2 codec, while H.264 is the video codec which is widely used for all kinds of devices.

Converting DVD to H.264 files needs a professional DVD tool. You might ask what kind of DVD tool could be a professional one. The one which can rip DVD to H.264 smoothly and keep the output videos in good quality is a professional one. Here Movie Ripper for Windows (Windows 8 included) is highly recommended. If you're using a Mac, please turn to Movie Ripper for Mac. Download the program now and follow the tips below to convert DVD to H.264 with ease.

Download DVD Ripper:

Download Windows Version Download Mac DVD Version

How to rip DVD to H.264 in Windows/Mac

1 Import DVD to the DVD to H.264 converter

Insert DVD to your computer and then click the "Load DVD" button on the interface to add videos as you like. You can load ISO file, IFO file or DVD folder to it too by going to "File" menu. By clicking it, you can choose the file format of your video, ISO file, IFO file, or DVD folder.

DVD to H.264 Converter

2 Choose MP4 as the output format and output folder

Now you should choose MP4 (for MP4 is usually encoded with H.264) as the output video format then press the "Settings" button to choose H.264 as the codec.

Convert DVD to H.264

If you want to watch these output videos on your devices, you can choose the corresponding device name as the output format.

rip DVD to H.264

3 Start the DVD to H.264 conversion

Now all you need is pressing the "Start" button to get the entire process accomplished. In a few minutes, you can watch these wonderful videos cozily on devices as you like. Since it can help you to achieve your goal so easily, why not try the DVD ripper software now?

Download Windows Version Download Mac DVD Version

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Hi, in your case, you can turn off the GPU acceleration and try it again.
Aimersoft purchaser
This worked great on windows 8, but can't get H264 to work since upgrading to windows 8.1 All movies freeze when the copy is between 12% and 15% complete. Other video codecs work, but not H264. I even increased the RAM in the PC - figuring Windows 8.1 used more resources, but the RAM upgrade didn't make a difference. Is there a plan to make this work on Windows 8.1 in the future? Or is there a trick I can to get it to work now? Thanks
Just started to convert my old DVDs to H.264. I'm glad I've found this software, it's easy to use so it's perfect for a complete n00b like myself.
Aimersoft Employee
Yes! Just download and have a try!
Looks great. One question, though. When I convert the DVD to H.264 can I include the subtitle(s) from the DVD and use it/them on the new format?
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