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Best BearShare Alternative to Download Free Music

BearShare is one of the most popular software when it comes to downloading free music. However, it has tons of other alternatives that prove to be more powerful, useful, and easier to use. If you’re looking for the best BearShare alternative, then you are at the right place.

While BearShare seems to bask in all its glory as the ultimate free music source, there is a few other software that can do the same thing plus a lot more. A good example is Aimersoft Music Recorder. Aimersoft Music Recorder is far better than BearShare because it works by recording the music that you want to have a copy of. As such, there’s really no need to download. What you have to do instead is listen to the most popular online radio stations like Pandora and Spotify, run the software, and record all your favorite songs. It’s that easy - no waiting, no searching, and more importantly, no downloading.

Furthermore, this BearShare alternative will also work for the many video sharing websites popular today such as YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, and all the others. Finding your favorite music through these channels is way easier. Simply search for the music video uploaded by the artist’s label, play it, and record it. That way, you can even be sure of high quality music playing on your iPod! BearShare also offers no equivalence for Mac users.  However, Aimersoft Music Recorder for Mac will fulfill your needs, which can work in Mac OS X (including 10.9 Mavericks and 10.8 Mountain Lion).

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to use Aimersoft Music Recorder to get free music

With Aimersoft Music Recorder, you can be sure that you’re enjoying 100% original quality audio saved in the MP3 format for full length songs, or the M4R format for ringtones. You will be able to identify music ID3 tags quite easily with this software too. And as for live TV shows, online streams, and podcasts, scheduled recording can also be set. To use Aimersoft Music Recorder to get all the songs that you want, simply follow these steps:

1Search for the music you are interested in

Download and install Aimersoft Music Recorder. Run it and open an online radio channel or search for a music video from YouTube or similar sites.

Aimersoft Music Recorder - BearShare alternative

2 One click to begin the recording process

Click the Record button before playing the music and Aimersoft Music Recorder will automatically start recording right on the first note.

Tips: To get perfect music, you can adjust the recording settings to your preference. Set the output format as you wish or schedule recording at a certain time. But if you don’t want to change anything and would rather leave everything to its default setting, just skip these tips.

Aimersoft Music Recorder

3Enjoy your music without any hassles

You can check the recorded music from the Library Tab. There’s also an option to export to iTunes right from the software’s interface. Simply click on the ‘Add to iTunes’ button if you want to do that.

It’s that easy! Furthermore, you can also make a ringtone quite easily out of this software.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Why you should choose Aimersoft Music Recorder

As much as BearShare advertises that they offer a totally safe and secure download process, that can’t be assured 100% of the time. It can’t be denied that some malware or viruses may pass through the download, reason why your computer slows down when BearShare is running.

Furthermore, peer-to-peer sharing of files may actually open up your computer for easy access to hackers. This is one of the biggest concerns why this mode of sharing over the internet is slowly being phased out. Run it at your risk.

Also, BearShare indicates that their services are fully legal. Hopefully, that really is the case. LimeWire is a similar program that runs on a similar system. Yet they have been forced out of business a few years back because of copyright issues.

Technically speaking, BearShare doesn’t work in the same way as the Aimersoft Music Recorder does. But their purpose is generally the same - to provide users a copy of free music that they can use for personal purposes. The methods used by these two systems are very different. BearShare downloads while Aimersoft records.

And plainly because you are recording songs, you are not extracting anything from the internet. Being so, no viruses or malware can creep into your system. What’s more, you’re always assured of high quality output with the recording process. Since your source is the official music video or the original song material released by the recording label, you know you’re using the best source for your music. And it is something that doesn’t always hold true for BearShare downloads.

What is Bear Share

BearShare is a free music download program that capitalizes on the concept of online sharing. The developers claim that it has got access to a database of 20 million songs and videos to date, all of which are free and legal to download. MP3 is the most common audio format used in this system.

BearShare also supports direct file transfer to iPod and MP3 players. Users can seamlessly transfer their downloaded music files from the external database straight to a portable media player, without passing through the computer. Discovering free music and videos can be done in just a few clicks. And if you prefer a particular genre, like pop, rock, or rap music, you can easily filter them out for easy access. Playlist selection is available too. Use it to go directly to the collection of love songs, fast songs, relaxing music, or whichever you prefer.

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