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How to Download Music from Grooveshark

Grooveshark is an audio streaming application that allows you to search through their catalogue of music and play it directly on your device. Using this application, you can also upload music for others to listen. There are over 20 million users and 15 million songs available on Grooveshark.

If you want to download music from Grooveshark, you need to have a strong internet connection. When you choose the file you want to play, your device will start receiving information and begin playback before all the data has been downloaded. This means that if your internet connection is slow, or you go out of range of your wireless modem, your song will stop until your device is able to download more data. After your song is played the data is removed from your device, meaning that you are not taking up any room on your internal memory.

If you do wish to have a copy of a song on your hard drive to be able to burn to CD or to use as your ringtone without having to purchase it, you should download software like Aimrsoft Music Recorder. This Music Recorder allows you to get all the songs you want from Grooveshark or any other steaming service quickly and easily. You can also choose the format that you prefer to save your song in, whether it is MP3 for burning to CD, or M4A to use with your iPhone.

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With Aimersoft Music Recorder, downloading songs from Grooveshark only needs a simple click on the Record button. All songs you want will be recorded with 100% original quality and without any extra noises. This music recording software also lets you to download any music from YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and many other online radio stations. Any offline music enjoyment can be done with this Music Recorder with ease. Just remember that this music recording tool runs in Windows (Windows 8). If you are using a Mac, try Aimersoft Music Recorder for Mac, which perform perfect task in Mac OS X (Mavericks included).

Aimersoft Music Recorder

Note: Downloading songs from Grooveshark is not a download in the typical sense. Grooveshark music downloader applications are for streaming only. There is no Grooveshark specific music store where you can purchase songs to download and store on your device. All the music that you hear on Grooveshark is downloadable in other music stores such as Amazon.com, or available to you through software applications such as Aimersoft Music Recorder.

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Getting started with Grooveshark

Grooveshark is a free service that uses advertising material to cover the costs of streaming music to you. If you wish to download music from Grooveshark without the advertising, you may choose to upgrade your account for a small fee per month. The price varies depending on where you live in the world. With the premium service you will also enjoy the unlimited space in your library of favourites and playlist creation.

To get started downloading songs from Grooveshark you should open a free account. You are then able to create a library of favourites and playlists that you are able to access simply by logging in wherever you have an internet connection. You can also connect with your friends who are using Grooveshark. This means that when you download songs from Grooveshark that you love, you can choose to share them with your friends with just the click of a button. Your friends can also access your playlists and see what you are listening to, and you will be able to do the same. You will also have a chat function available so that you can talk to your friends and to other users about anything, anytime. If your friends are offline, you can even leave a message for them to see when they get back.

You do not need to have an account to download music from Grooveshark; however the free account has a number of benefits, as listed above, to give you a much better experience when using the application. Having a free account also means that you can connect with Facebook or Twitter, and share your music with friends over social media rather than just using the application.

Another benefit of the Grooveshark free account is the Grooveshark Artists platform. The Grooveshark application will look at your list of favourite songs and search their catalogue for other artists that are similar in sound, or will compare your favourites with all other users to see if there are similar tastes in music, and then recommend new songs for you to listen to based on these parameters.

Not sure what you want to listen to? Try Grooveshark broadcasts. Grooveshark users are able to upload their playlists for the entire Grooveshark community to tune into and share. These function in the same way as a radio, a host will add their playlist and listeners can tune in at any time throughout the duration of the playlist. Most broadcasts are named by genre, so therefore you should be able to find the broadcast that suits you. This is a fantastic way to find music that you have not heard before, and to share your favourites, or to get your garage band out there.

Want to be a Radio star? You can even record your own voice introducing your music, upload it to Grooveshark and slot it into your playlist to make it sound like an authentic radio station. It’s all a matter of how creative you want to get with your Grooveshark broadcast.

Grooveshark is available in your normal web browser, as well as on some mobile devices and tablets including Android. Grooveshark is currently only available on iPhone and iPad technology that has been ‘jailbroken.’

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