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Thanksgiving Songs for Kids 2013

This year, welcome Thanksgiving in a mood that is more festive than ever. Let the kids chant the most joyful and melodious Thanksgiving songs to the delight of every member of the family. Allow the little ones to form a chorus, singing the Thanksgiving songs for kids which everyone loves to hear during such season.

Part 1. Top 10 list of Thanksgiving songs for kids
Part 2. How to record and play Thanksgiving songs

Part 1. Top 10 list of Thanksgiving songs for children

1. Every Day is Thanksgiving

Sung by Karen Rupprecht and Pam Minor, this song is all about the turkey stuffing and pumpkin pie joy that are associated with Thanksgiving. Furthermore, the song also talks about the true meaning of the celebration, which is to love the people who are most especial for you, thus making every day a Thanksgiving Day.

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2. Five Fat Turkeys

This is a one-stanza Thanksgiving song that is so simple that kids will memorize after just a few times of listening to it. The song is about missing turkeys come Thanksgiving Day.

3. The First Thanksgiving

This song by Barbara Speicher made for Learning By Song is about the pilgrims who left their ship from England. The song touches on what happened during that night when the first Thanksgiving Day was held.

4. Let’s Have a Dinner Thanksgiving

Andrew C. Germain wrote this song about the Pilgrims, the Indians, and the dinner that happened between them. It narrates how the two groups had met and shared food together, which eventually marked the tradition of having dinner with the family on Thanksgiving Day.

5. Thank you for Thanksgiving

If you want to credit everything that is responsible for Thanksgiving Day in a single song, this is what you should make the children sing. This song practically thanks all – the Indians, the pilgrims, the space, stars, Jupiter, Marks, the girls, boys, holidays, moon, sun, and everyone else.

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6. Thanksgiving

This song from the Listen and Learn preschool song lyrics is a joyful song that narrates the incidents around the first Thanksgiving day and how it is celebrated today. This is a three-stanza song that is too nice to hear, although toddlers may have a hard time memorizing it. The song is better fit for bigger kids.

7. Turkey Dinner

Turkey Dinner is sung like the song ‘Frere Jacques’. This stomach-rumbling song talks about the delicious food shared during Thanksgiving like turkey, cornbread muffins, pumpkin pie, and chestnut stuffing. It’s so yummy kids will surely love singing it!

8. A Feast

Gemini created this song with a simple melody and simple lyrics. It is the perfect Thanksgiving song for kids of all ages. Run it by them twice or thrice and they’d surely get it. The song is all about a family that is welcoming everybody else to their Thanksgiving celebration.

9. Giving Thanks

This song by Lauren Mayer comes in a full collection. There are actually six songs included in the Autumn Songs album. The songs in there are duly themed, either for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

10. Pilgrim Children

This Thanksgiving song adapted by M. Ryan Taylor initially came from an anonymous poem. It may be sung like the song ‘Round’ or just like Taylor has done so. The song is about what the children did during the first Thanksgiving.

Part 2. How to Record and Play Thanksgiving Songs

If you happen to know all of the tunes and the lyrics of the Thanksgiving songs listed above, then you won’t have any problem teaching it to the kids. However, if you are not very familiar with some of them or any of them, the best way to go about it is to record these songs from the internet so that you and kids can learn all of them easily.

To do that is fairly simple. All you really need is a software that is built for the task. A good recommendation is Aimersoft Music Recorder, which functions by recording any music streamed from different sources over the World Wide Web such as online radio stations and video sharing websites.

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This Music Recorder is extremely easy handle. You can make use of it to get any music only with a simple click. Just look at the simple steps below:

1Search for the music you want

In order to use it, simply obtain a copy of the software and install it on your computer. Once that’s done, make a search for the Thanksgiving songs suggested above or look for the ones you like in particular. You can also find for these songs on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, or DailyMotion.

2 One click to get Thanksgiving songs for kids

Once you have found the website, browse through it using the software’s interface and play the video or the audio file. Click on the Record button to start the recording process. Take note of the output folder where the recorded file will be stored. After the song has played, a record of it will be stored in your computer.

Aimersoft Music Recorder

Aimersoft Music Recorder can save the audio files in the M4A and MP3 format. It can also identify music ID3 tags. It can remove the DRM of music files very easily as well. It is also built to perform other tasks such as ringtone creation, audio conversion, and extracting of audio files from the movies stored in the computer. Scheduling a recording session, like in the case of online streaming and radio shows, is possible as well.

Aimersoft Music Recorder software is compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, and Vista. Check out which of them will work for you best and download it accordingly. If you are using a Mac, Aimersoft Music Recorder for Mac may meet your needs.

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