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How to Celebrate Halloween 2013

Halloween is fast approaching and for a lot of people, this is their most favorite event of the year. If you are one of those who can’t wait to wear your scariest witch outfit and party it all night with equally fearsome-looking friends, then here are 10 great suggestions on how you can make Halloween 2013 your best one yet.

1. Go to a Halloween ball

There is surely nothing more perfect way to end Halloween than with a grand party where all the popular girls and boys in town are heading to. Make sure that you are invited to that event or at least score tickets several weeks before. And yes, try to bring a date along. Halloween is surely going to be more fun if you celebrate it with someone special.

2. Visit a haunted house

Okay, so there’s no haunted house in your neighborhood. But surely, there must be something that you can do to create one. Maybe there’s an abandoned building that you can trek with your friends. Ask permission to enter the premises in the light of day and see if it’s a good enough place to stage some make-shift ghost hunting, if only for the experience. If there’s still no chance of that, look for a hotel where stories of ghost are often told. In Georgia, you can try the Foley House or the Battlefield Bed and Breakfast. See if you can last the night without running off the streets looking for the next bus home.

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3. Watch a scary movie with friends

Set up a Halloween film showing in your den and make sure that you come up with a good selection of ghost movies that your friends haven’t watched yet. The den should also scary, especially once the lights off. You can also plan a little surprise that would make your friends leaping off their feet while engrossed in a frightening scene.

4. Visit a cemetery late at night

Have you ever visited a cemetery during the night? Then this activity is sure going to be fun. Go ghost hunting with your friends and see which one of you will turn into a scaredy cat first. Do it on the night of the Halloween, when you’re all dressed with your costumes.

5. Level up trick or treating

As kids, you must have knocked on every door in your neighborhood making tricks or trying to ask for treats. This time around, put a little twist into your usual trick or treat adventure. Go someplace else that you haven’t been before. Try doing it at shopping centers, train stations, or the public bus. The weirder your idea, the better experience it should be.

6. Make homemade treats and candies

Nothing would make Halloween extra special for your kids but a grand collection of treats coming straight from your kitchen. So instead of settling for the usual M&M’s to give away, why not concoct something really scary but tasty? If you don’t have the time, you can always buy pumpkin cakes, Halloween biscuits, and similar interesting goodies from specialty bakeshops. To save these precious memories on Halloween, you can burn the memoir videos to DVD with Aimersoft DVD Creator.

7. Scare the hell out of somebody

There has to be something for you to remember Halloween 2013 by, right? So aside from the fancy costumes and that great party, try to plan doing something scary to somebody. It can be a practical joke, a booby trap, or anything cool that you can think about. Do it on your friends, family, or loved one. But do it with taste, okay? Somebody actually proposed marriage to his girlfriend on a Halloween, in a venue complete with scary creatures and all. Can you top that?

8. Learn some new tricks

Magic, witchcraft, and anything ghoulishly fun are all expected during the Halloween season. So if there’s a workshop that can teach you how to be a wizard like Harry Potter or a witch like Sabrina of the Archie comics fame, go for it. Halloween isn’t that much fun without the scares and the surprises. And your adventures will surely be doubled if you’re the one to start all the fun. In London, there’s an event like that - the EDF Energy London Eye. You can also edit tricky videos of some interesting events and send to friends as special gifts on Halloween.

9. Visit ghost-inspired parks and rides

Where else can you spend the Halloween best but in a theme park that is full of scary stuff? It could be all but a Big Top tent or a circus from where you are. But if it is all nice and scary, it should be something that you’ve got to try. If you’re in the US, you can go to the Bronx Zoo for the Museum of UnNatural Mysteries or the Miami Zoo for Dr. Wilde’s Creepy House.

10. Shop for new Halloween costumes and decorations

Halloween is best celebrated if all the goodies associated with this event are well accounted for. So don’t scrimp on the budget. After all, this is your favorite time of the year, right? This 2013, consider themes from the recently released horror movies like The Conjuring, Evil Dead, and World War Z.

These ideas are sure to make your upcoming 2013 Halloween celebration more fun than ever. Just go out there and have the scary excitement that you always wanted. Just don’t let the free spirits and the ghosts of the past ruin your fun. Halloween is always the perfect time for you to be just a little naughty.

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