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How to Edit MPEG Videos with Rich Features

MPEG files are becoming increasingly popular these days because they are used widely on many different computer platforms. The MPEG group includes MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 formats. These file formats are suited for DVD, VCD and high quality online videos. If you have some of the MPEG files on your computer that you want to edit, you might be thinking that editing MPEG videos would be difficult and time consuming. However, this will not be the case if you are using a good MPEG Video Editor like the video editing program from Aimersoft.

Aimersoft Video Editor is a fantastic tool to compile MPEG files. With its basic features, you can easily fine tune your videos as you wish. No matter you want to merge, split, trim, crop, rotate videos or things like that, you can finish the task without hassle. This program is designed with multiple tracks, which enable you to do the editing jobs precisely and conveniently. Another wonderful thing is this program provides you with a variety of cool effects, making it possible to create stunning movies all by yourself. Moreover, it supports almost all the popular formats. So you are free to load your videos and edit them according to your needs.

This software can bring you much more surprise than you expect. Why not download it right now and explore into this wonderful tool!

Download MPEG Video Editor:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to edit MPEG files with fancy (Take Windows version as example)

If you want to compile MPEG files on Mac, you can also follow the same tutorial to finish your task.

1Add MPEG files to the program

After launching the program, you then need to click Import to load your MPEG videos. Alternatively, you can also directly drag the files from your local computer to the program. All the loaded videos will appear in the User's Album.

Editing mpeg

2Fine tune your videos

Drag your file from the User's Album to the Timeline panel, where you are able to split the file into pieces by clicking the Split button, add background music to the video and so forth. You can also double click the video thumbnail within the video track to open the Edit window. As you can see, here you are allowed to edit your videos with options for crop, rotate, speed alter, brighten up and more.

Edit mpeg video

3Touch up the MPEG clips

This program also comes with advanced editing functions for you to add video transitions, special effects and filters, picture-in-picture effects, texts, intro/credits, etc. You can access to different effects library by clicking the corresponding tabs above the Timeline panel.

MPEG movie editor

You are able to preview all the video editing effects in real-time to ensure that everything is changed to suit your requirements.

4Choose a way of output

After compiling a MPEG video, you are offered the following five options to output your project:

  • Export video files to fit many portable media players such as Android, iPod, iPad, iPhone, and others for playback while on the go;
  • Convert movies to practically any format such as FLV, MOV, WMV, AVI and more to local computer systems for further processing;
  • Upload the files directly to YouTube or Facebook to share easily with your friends and family members online;
  • Burn all the edited MPEG movies to DVD disc as a keepsake or for preservation.

See, you have already created your fantastic MPEG movie all by yourself. Why not share it right now?

Below is a video tutorial on how to edit MPEG videos:

MPEG movie editor

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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