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How to Convert and Play XviD Files on iPad in Mac OS X

Why to convert Xvid Files to iPad on Mac?

Xvid is a video codec library following the MPEG-4 standard, specifically MPEG-4 Part 2 Advanced Simple Profile (ASP). It uses ASP features such as b-frames, global and quarter pixel motion compensation, lumi masking, trellis quantization, and H.263, MPEG and custom quantization matrices. Xvid can be used on all platforms and operating systems for which the source code can be compiled.
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As Apple iPad gradually approach our life in a leading way, but found it only support MP4, MOV or M4V format, and can't play popular Xvid files on iPad, feel sucks?

Mac Video Converter is just the program you need to convert Xvid to iPad. Armed with a user-friendly interface and fast speed, it makes Xvid to iPad on Mac conversion routine quite simple.

Note, if you are using Windows, you can refer to Video Converter Ultimate for Windows.

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

How to convert Xvid Files to iPad on Mac

The following steps will show you how to make it:

1 Load Xvid video files to iPad Video Converter for Mac

Run Video Converter for Mac, drag and drop video files directly to Video Converter for Mac. Alternatively, you can load videos to the program through "Add Files".


2 Select "iPad" in output format list

Click "Format" and choose "iPad Video (*.mp4)".


Click "Settings", choose "H.264 Normal (MC)" and all parameters will be automatically set for h.264.


3 Convert video on Mac OS X

After choosing the format, you just need to click Convert button to start the task.

Tips: If you want to play both DVD and Xvid videos on iPad, you can get an all-in-one Video Converter + Video Editor+ DVD Ripper: Video Converter Pro for Mac. Never mind to try if possible!

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

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