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How to Convert ASF to AVI, AVI to ASF in a Click

Before you can convert an ASF File into an AVI, you need to understand what each of these terms means and how they work.

ASF stands for "Advanced Systems Format". It was developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows Media package. The file format is used for streaming media purposes. ASF files can identify the structure of the audio/ video file but cannot identify or specify the format of the file. It is essentially a container for information. ASF files often contain .WMA (Windows Media Audio) or .WMV (Windows Media Video) data.

AVI stands for "Audio Video Interleaved". Also, developed by Microsoft the file can contain both audio and video data. AVI is also a container-type file and can hold multiple types of media. It is extremely popular for sharing video online.

Now that you understand what each of these file formats is for you can begin the process of converting ASF to AVI.

ASF to AVI Converter

The best solution to convert ASF to AVI

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The resolution to your file conversion conundrum is simply to use a file converter that allows you to change the format from ASF to AVI. The Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is probably your best bet. This conversion tool is optimized for NVIDIA, CUDA, AMD and other similar technologies. The program offers super-fast processing speeds. An added benefit is that this AVI to ASF converter employs a multi-threaded conversion which allows for the conversion of multiple formats at the same time; i.e. video, audio, DRM and DVD. An extremely attractive included with ASF to AVI converter is its ability to convert AVI files to iPhone or Android compatible formats

How to convert ASF to AVI on Windows-based computer or Mac

How to Convert ASF to AVI online

Converting ASF to AVI online is a simple and straight forward process.

  1. Enter "Convert ASF to AVI Online" in to any search engine.
  2. Choose the program that suits your needs. Some sites do not require you to download anything directly to your computer (which involves a certain amount of risk), the files can be converted directly through the site.
  3. Browse your computer's files to select the one you want to convert.
  4. Choose an export format and a destination folder for your media
  5. Click "Convert" to begin the conversion process.



There are numerous options when choosing a file format for viewing videos and listening to music on your computer. Depending on their purpose, there are some files that are better suited for viewing video, there are some that are better suited for streaming media, it all really depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

AVI files are not actually encoding formats; rather, they are "containers" for formatted video files. Each AVI file can contain any number of codecs that can affect the quality of the video. AVI is most often larger than most video formats due to minimal compression. AVI is an extremely versatile file format. It can be used on almost all platforms, including Linux. AVI can also be supported on some types of mobile devices.

ASF files were once an extremely popular format. ASF was Microsoft’s proprietary file sharing format. It was developed for use within the Window’s Media structure. However, with the introduction of DIVX and XVID, the ASF format fell into decline. The main issue being that there were limited options for editing and converting the files.

Many people prefer AVI over ASF because of it’ file size which can take up 20% less space. Additionally AVI can be used on so many more platforms than ASF.

Why would you need/want to convert ASF to AVI?

There are several reasons why you would want to convert an ASF to an AVI. Firstly, the AVI format is more versatile. It can be used on any variety of operating systems, including some mobile devices. It is also a popular choice for sharing videos online.

Secondly, ASF is used primarily for streaming media. If you are trying to do anything other than stream your media you will need to convert the file.

Lastly, the AVI file is most likely encoded with DivX, which is superior to ASF file encoding. The ASF file does not have the ability to specify the type of media; therefore conversion options for this type of file are limited.

To sum up, no matter why and whenever you want to convert ASF to AVI, AVI to ASF or some other format, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate will always fulfill your need on file format conversion. Get it now!

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