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How to Edit Videos on Windows 10 without Hassle

If you are creating videos and want a chance to transform them into work of art, a good editing tool will be useful. You could edit your files by adding visual effects, transitions in between scenes and audio, depending on the editing program. The information below will tell you about a video editing software for Windows 8.

Videos are great sources for entertainment and interactive learning. Your entertainment level can be enhanced if a professional editor is used to customize the settings. Aimersoft Video Editor is a fabulous Video Editor for Windows 8. It provides support for the editing of nearly all video, audio and image file. In addition to the huge support that is provided, this software has an extremely useful interface to add the convenience of video editing.

Download Video Editor:

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This video editing software for Windows 8 offers many basic editing functions such as cutting, joining, splitting and much more. This tool from Aimersoft includes other tools such as video splitter, joiner and cutter. It is very easy to use this software as separate modifying tracks are provided for video, audio and image files. There are also crop, trim, rotate and other useful functions available to help create videos with customized effects. If you are looking for more advanced editing levels, this software provides professional editing tools to help you add unique special effects, transition effects, use filters, and many other functions.

Instruction on how to edit a video on Windows 8

1Add the video file

Run the video editing program and then click on the Import button to load the video to the User's Album. You could also browse to find the desired media files for editing and drag them directly to the program.

edit video windows 8

2Compile your video with rich features

The Timeline Panel will have several classic functions that you can use to edit your video. You can copy, cut, paste, split, crop and delete the media files to suit your needs. In the meantime, you can remove audio from video clips and mute videos.

When using this video editing program for Windows 10, you just need to right click the thumbnail in the video/audio track for further editing. Choose the Edit function or double click on the clip in order to open up the Edit box. If you want to trim videos, you would highlight the clips; move the computer mouse to the start or ending on the Timeline and then drag the double arrow icon.

video editor windows 8

Lastly, you could rotate your video to a 90 degree clockwise/anticlockwise angle or flip vertical/horizontal. It is also possible to adjust the video color/brightness/saturation/contrast, speed up or slow down a video as well as crop videos to get rid of unnecessary parts.

3Further personalize your videos

If you'd like to further optimize your videos, you can click the corresponding tabs above the Timeline Panel. A variety of editing options are provided. You are free to add special effects to enhance the videos, insert animated transitions to make the switches more natural, apply PIP effect to do video overlay and more.

video editing software windows 8

4Output your video creation

After you have finished touching up your videos, you can click Create to activate the Output window. Here you can transfer your videos to mobile devices, save to the local folder in any format you like, republish on YouTube and Facebook from the application and burn to DVD disc to watch on TV.

edit video on windows 10

Feel free to do more research if you need additional information about video editing program for Windows 10.

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