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Watch Netflix Streaming Video on 1000 Android Devices

People always complain about Android device diversity, which is believed to hurt Android. Now the good news is coming: Netflix is accessible on nearly 1000 different Android devices, according to a blog post published on the Netflix Tech Blog.

Yeah, the so-called “Android Fragmentation” is true. According to a report conducted in March, 93.9 percent of the install base was on Android 2.x, among which Gingerbread (v2.3.x) accounts for 62 percent and Froyo (v2.2) for 25.3 percent. The newest V4.X, Ice Cream Sandwich only occupies 1.2 percent. You can imagine how wide the fragmentation is now. Some people argue that the diversity of Android devices gives consumers more choices and also increases the competition among Android OEMs.

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Though Netflix claims now it supports about 1000 different Android devices, of course Netflix can’t test for all devices all the time. Amol Kher, engineering manager for Netflix Android, iOS and AppleTV teams, says that Netflix uses a homegrown solution for automating and testing content streaming via its HTML wrapper on various Android devices. And below are his explanations.

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