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How to Play MKV Files with Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is pretty impressive when touch upon audio-visual enjoyment on Windows-based computer. However, it is a pity that MKV (Matroska) files, which are widely used in animated movies, are not supported by this Windows’s default media player. That’s probably because MKV contain format contains multiple video and audio tracks, which is complicated to decode. To smoothly play MKV in Windows Media Player, you need to have the right decoders installed on your computer. Also, converting MKV to Windows Media Player compatible format can also solve this problem. Admittedly, you can also apply some other media player that can handle with MKV files. Now, let’s have a closer look at these methods on how to play MKV files in Windows (Windows 8).

Method 1: Convert MKV video to Windows Media Player supported format

The main reason that you can’t play MKV files successfully is that MKV format is not in the realm of Window Media Player supported video format. So converting MKV files to Windows Media Player playable format is an effective way to watch MKV in Windows. To achieve this, you can make use of Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, which is a versatile yet easy-to-use video converting program.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

This MKV converter runs in Windows (Windows 8 included) and allows you to convert MKV to virtually any popular video/audio format like AVI, WMV, MP4, MP3, AAC and more. It can also convert MKV files to optimized presets for mobile devices so that you can watch them anywhere you like. More than that, it also provides an access to touch up MKV videos, which including trimming, cropping, appending artistic effects and more.

Mac users please turn to Aimersoft Video Conveter for Mac.

windows media player mkv

Don’t just look at it. Download and put to test in practice. You can finish the conversion from MKV to Windows Media Player acceptable format in three simple steps:

1. Download and install Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate.
2. Run this converter and click the Add Files button to import MKV files.
3. Choose Windows Media Player supported format, such as WMV, as the output format and click the big Convert button to start the conversion.

What must be mentioned is that Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is embedded with a video player that can handle almost all kinds of video files.

Download MKV player for Windows:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Method 2: Install MKV codecs for Windows Media Player

In principal, MKV files can be played successfully on almost any media player in Windows if the latest CCCP playback pack has been installed on your computer, which can be downloaded from Martroska official website’s download page. This codec pack supports Windows Media Player 6.4/7/8/9/10. 

Method 3: Put other MKV players to use

Of course, now there are some good players that can play MKV files in Windows. Below are some of them:

1. VLC Media Player

Enjoying great streaming possibilities, VLC Media Player supports a wide range of video/audio format. It can play files like MKV, WMV, MP4, FLV, 3GP and more. With it, you don’t need to install any other filters or codecs in your computer.

2. Zoomplayer

Since version 3.30, Zoomplayer can fully support playing MKV videos. The only problem is that it also needs you to install a special codec to activate its possibility to handle MKV files.

3. Mplayer

Mplayer is a powerful Linux player that can work with a variety of video/audio format, which including MKV. The interface is simple and concise. This video player offers flexible control button, which allows you to easily playback or fast forward any video you are watching.

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