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Top 5 Windows Media Player Alternatives

Windows Media Player is amongst the most popular media players since it is a default application of the Windows to play videos and audio. However the users have begun to experience a few limitations with this player thus many are searching for an alternative to Windows Media Player. Here is a list of some of the best Windows media player alternatives: Aimersoft Player, VLC media player, UM player, KM player and SP player. These five are perhaps the best media player alternatives to WMP.

1. Aimersoft Player

Aimersoft player comes from Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, which colligates media player, video editor, online video downloader, video converter, DVD burner and DVD ripper. This versatile player will let you enjoy any videos, which are downloaded on the internet or shot by digital camcorder or stored in a DVD disc, in an experience that exceeds your expectation. Of course, when mention video player, the image/sound quality and file format compatibility issue should rank as the most important elements. To Aimersoft player, there are no such concerns. What you need to figure out is which movies I should watch today.

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2. VLC Media Player

Starting off with the most popular amongst the alternatives to the windows media player, VLC media player is one of the best media players out there with its ability to play a vast array of formats. It is a quite light and user friendly Windows Media Player alternative which provides a lot of ease and convenience to a starter. For the advanced users, using VLC media player as an alternative to Windows Media Player, they have the advantage of using the hot key support. Also, VLC Media Player can integrate with the web channel streaming services. An example is the Channels.com through which you can enjoy your favorite programs on channels like National Geographic and ESPN. It can easily support back zipped files making it a great alternative.

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3. UM Player

UM player, another top Windows Media Player alternative, stands apart from the other media players due to its stylish outlook. It has a minimalist interface which is a responsible for a phenomenal user experience while playing video and audio. Furthermore, it also supports online TV and Radio stations. Using Shout cast this media player enables the user to buffer music and can search for videos on YouTube with the aid of an integrated search feature. As an alternative to Windows Media Player, UM player contains greater than 200 codecs. It can take screenshots of video files and download subtitles for movies in other foreign languages. UM player is available for both pc and MAC.

4. KM Player

Another alternative to the media player is the KM player. This player supports a wide range of formats. It does not occupy too much space on the memory which is a big plus point. Like UM player, it too has a minimalist interface. It can change its color with every new audio file being played. You can easily install plug-ins and skin this media player alternative. The processing tools it provides can help change sharpness and brightness of the video. I personally have been using KM Player for quite a lot of time, the short keys and other features make it quite a user friendly media player.

5. SP Player

SP player, the last in the list of the best window media player alternatives, is very basic and simple to use. Using this player the user can listen to or watch files in many formats. Like other alternatives to media player, it comes with audio and video equalizers. The user can choose from three interface options. Being so basic, it hardly messes with the media that the user is playing. It serves as a good alternative to the windows media player.

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