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Windows 7 Video Converter - Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

How is Windows 7 going to affect our life?

These days, rumors around the Internet continue to make discussion on the influence coming with Windows 7. Is Windows 7 a big attack to Apple which could be result in price reductions in Apple's lineup to better compete with low-cost PCs? Does Windows 7 offer better battery life on notebook? Is it safe to use the Windows 7? Will the software we download works well on the new Windows 7?

How other party response to the freshly windows 7?

To response to Microsoft, many third party developers have upgraded their software to fully support Windows 7. Aimersoft.com which offers multimedia conversion solutions makes a quick response to it. Recently, its most powerful software – Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is upgrade to support Windows 7. It's acting as a Windows 7 Video Converter.

Download Windows Version

Key Features of Video Converter for Windows 7

Below are the main functions of Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate - the best Windows 7 (Windows 8) video converter:

a. Convert video: convert video to AVI, MPEG, MKV, WMV, FlV, MOV, MP4, etc.
b. Rip DVD: rip one or several DVD/IFO/ISO files to video files at a time.
c. Remove DRM from video and convert video at the same time.
d. Download online videos from YouTube, metacafe, Yahoo Videos, Facebook, Google Videos, etc.
e. Edit Video/DVD: edit your video or DVD files with movie trimming, cropping and effect adjustment.
f. Burn video to DVD: burn videos to DVD or ISO files.
g. Transfer converted videos to devices (USB device, MP4 player, cell phone, etc) directly.

(Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate now is well compatible with the new released Windows 8 oprating system. For more information about how to convert video files in Windows 8, please turn to How to Convert Any Video in Windows 8.

Below is the video tutorial on how to convert video format with Windows 7 video converter:

Download Windows video converter:

Download Windows Version

About Aimersoft

Aimersoft is a professional multimedia software company committed itself to provide wonderful multimedia applications for customers. Currently, Aimersoft offers a variety of products to help users with any video or audio format conversion. For more information about the company and its products please visit www.aimersoft.com.

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Tony D.
I understand that the Video Converter Ultimate can download YouTube 4K video. But when I try to use the Video Converter to edit 4K the end result is the video is downscale it to 1080P. When will Amerisoft upgrade this to allow for 4K editing?
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate has been upgraded to fully support Windows 8 operating system.
pls dear show a new vrsion of aimersoft converter
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