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The Best Alternative to VLC Media Player

There was a time when VLC used to be a champion amongst all the other media players. It largely owed its popularity to one of its most important feature: the ability to play a variety of files without the requirement of additional installation of codec players. However with the introduction of some other media players in market, they outshined VLC media player to some extent. These media players were sought by the public on a large scale. They began to play the role of VLC alternatives. Here is a list of the top five alternatives to VLC media player: Aimersoft media player, Media Player Classic, GOM player, SM player and POT player.

1. Aimersoft Media Player

Aimersoft media player is embedded in Video Converter Ultimate. It lets you import any videos (including MTS, DiVX, XviD, DAT, DVD, VOB, IFO, ISO files, etc.) to the program and play with high definition image and extremely good sound quality. You don’t need to worry about the format compatibility since this media player contains virtually all video/audio codecs inside. No extra codec packages are needed. Aimersoft media player should rank as the best alternatives to VLC. The reason is not just because it can play videos in hundreds of formats, but also it contains the ability to convert video format and burn video to DVD as well as rip video from DVD. It also supports editing or downloading online videos as you wish. In a word, this is an all-in-one multi-media solution.

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2. Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is a compact media player which serves as an alternative to VLC player for Microsoft Windows. The best thing about this player is its user-friendly interface. Like other VLC alternatives it does not require any additional codec packs. Any DVD format is easily playable on this media player. It can play a variety of other formats such as MP4, FLV, and FLAC. It is no doubt a suitable VLC alternative.

3. GOM Player

GOM player, an alternative to VLC, has been designed to create convenience for the user. With a codec finder integrated with it, the player can automatically search the codec packs required for a specific media file. It is magnificently designed with its capability of separately conducting image and audio capture. Perhaps what makes it a prominent media player is that a user can synchronize their remote devices like tablets and mobile phones to control the player over Wi-Fi. It also possesses the mighty skinny system which makes it a commendable alternative to VLC.

4. SM Player

Another alternative to VLC media player is the SM player. It’s out of this world features have captivated the attention of many. The feature which makes it prominent amongst the other VLC alternatives is its capability of allowing the user to browse YouTube directly through the player. Who would not want a media player which saves the user from the hassle of changing the settings for every other media file?  Yes you got it right; SM Player automatically changes the settings on the basis of a file. SM player is also integrated with Open Subtitles which makes it easier to access subtitles for a video.

5. POT Player

The last of the best VLC alternatives is the POT player. This player has been created by DAUM for Windows. It can play and buffer most of the audio and video formats. One of its essential feature as an alternative to VLC is its capability of playing damaged and faulty files by leaving out the missing data. POT Player has brilliant speed; it does not take too long to open a file. It can play the file from a point at which the person last stopped playing it. POT Player is highly skinnable. It also has functional audio and video equalizers. Over all the features of this media player makes it a decent alternative to VLC media player.

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