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How to Download Videos on Mac OS X Easily and Quickly

Why download online videos

"I am a business man and I am too busy to enjoy wonderful online videos just by the side of computer. I have to travel a lot. Is there a way to save these online videos, say videos from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, FaceBook, etc., so I can enjoy them on the way? Besides, by knowing what is popular on websites, I can communicate with my children better." ---Tom

Above is a common situation that many people may encounter in daily life. But how to walk out of the dilemma? At this moment, downloading videos on Mac and exporting them to portable device are undoubtedly the best solution. By doing so, you are free to watch as many online videos as you can. On the other hand, you can happily enjoy downloaded videos anytime and anywhere you like.

Is there any software that has this function? Actually, there are many choices. You could find plug-ins, professional apps and so on. Here I am going to tell you how to download online video on Mac in an efficient way by using the Mac YouTube Downloader. This software is an-all-in-one app that let you download web videos quickly and easily. Besides its nice performance in online video downloading, the Video Downloader for Mac enables you to convert downloaded videos to almost any other format you like, so you can watch videos freely on your portable devices.

Download YouTube Downloader:

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How to download online videos (Mac screenshots)

Here are the steps to download web videos on Mac. Before following the same tutorial, Windows users please make sure you have successfully installed YouTube Downloader on your computer.

1 Launch Safari and download videos on Mac

After the installation, run the program. Then launch Safari and find the videos which you'd like to download on the web. Play it, and then the Download button will appear on the top of the video. Now there are three options to download the target video.

1) Directly press the Download button on the top right corner of the video.

video downloader Mac

2) Copy the video's URL in the browser and then click Paste URL on the top left corner of the program to download the video;

download video Mac

3) Drag and drop the URL where the video is to the Mac Video Downloader to download the video.

Mac video downloader

Windows version: Open your browser (Google Chrome, IE and etc.) and go to the video sharing website where the video you like can be found. Then follow the first two options to start the downloading process.

2Play and manage FLV videos

To play the downloaded video, just click the Downloaded tab in the left side of the interface and double-click on the clip. The built-in player enables you to enjoy the videos immediately.

If you have other downloaded videos on your Mac and want to change their formats, you can navigate to the videos you need by clicking File on the top left corner and selecting Import.

3Convert and export downloaded videos

Since you have got what you need, you may want to convert the video format to your devices compatible video formats. To accomplish the conversion, just go to the Downloaded menu in the left side, click the Convert button next to the video thumbnail. Then choose the suitable output format for your videos.

When the conversion process is finished, control-click on the video and select Locate Converted File to find the target video.

Video Downloader for Mac

Windows version: To locate the converted file, you can hit Converted menu in the left side and control-click on the video. Then choose Open the Converted Folder.

See, Mac Web Video Downloader really does a nice job. Once you own it, downloading and enjoying online videos offline could be a piece of cake for you.

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