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Top 3 Ways to Transfer Music and Movies from iPhone 6S to Computer

If there’s anything that iPhone(iPhone 6S) owners love doing, it’s watching movies or listening to their favorite tunes on their iPhone. However, doing that also means regulary transferring files from the device into the computer and vice versa. While you can always get your favorite movies and music from iTunes, there will always be times when you need to transfer files without it. Backing up your device is a good reason. So how are you supposed to do that? Below are three great suggestions.

How to Transfer between iPhone and Computer

1 Aimersoft iTransfer for Mac

The Aimersoft iTransfer software can do all the copying and the transferring tasks for you with full ease. This software is a available for Mac computers, so it will definitely work for you. Download the trial version from the developer’s website and see how functional the software can be.

Download Mac Version

Transferring the movies that you love watching on your computer to your iPhone 6 or the much newer iPhone 6S can now be done with just a few clicks of the mouse. What’s more, it will automatically convert those movie files into the format and resolution that works with your iPhone.

With the Mac iTransfer software, all the content you downloaded from iTunes or anywhere else can be easily transferred from your computer to your iOS device and vice versa. Converting audio and video files is also a breeze, as this software offers support the interconversion of video formats like WMV, MOV, FLV, MKV, AVI, MTS, and MPG, among many others. And aside from music and videos, it can also help transfer photos and documents from your iPhone 6S into your Mac computer.

2 Appandora

Appandora is also an iPhone to Windows PC transfer software. But unlike most others, this one is a freeware and it can very well work as an alternative to iTunes. It can help you transfer all your music and video files, including playlists, TV shows, movies, podcasts, iTunes U, eBooks, ringtones, audio books, camera rolls, voice memos, pictures, and photos. Needless to say, it is one of those one-stop-shop for all your file transfer requirements.

computer to iphone on mac

The transfer between the iPhone and the computer happens simultaneously, along with the conversion of the audio and video files. Through this software, making a backup of all your iPhone 4S or 5S becomes a one-step process. Aside from the two versions of iPhone listed above, it also works for iPhone 6S/6/6/Plus , iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPod Nano 7, and iPod Touch 5. It is compatible with both iOS 7 and iTunes 11.

To use this software, simply download and install it on your Windows computer. Unfortunately, this software requires iTunes to also be installed on your PC for it to work. Even though you won’t have to run iTunes at all when using Appandora, the two software share libraries together so it’s necessary. You can’t really say that it is a standalone software. But nonetheless, it can do the job.

Your iPhone has to be connected to the computer via USB so it can transfer files using this software. The Appandora user interface is pretty straightforward. The left panel shows the transfer status along with the folders where the files will be stored on the iPhone. All the individual files are shown on the main interface, which appears in the middle. The media type appears is on the right side of the screen. Managing the files of your iPhone has never been easier than this. Aside from the usual files, Appandora also lets you manage, remove, and recover your contacts, bookmarks, notes, and messages.

3 Vibosoft iPhone/iPod/iPad Transfer

If you are looking for a powerful software that can do all the file transfer tasks between your iPhone and your computer, then this one may be a good candidate. The software works for the iPhone 6S. It has got both Mac and PC versions so it has you fully covered. The strongest point of the Vibosoft software is the fact that it can guarantee no data loss during the transfer. To use it, just download and install the program on your computer. Run it when ready and it will detect your iPhone automatically. Be sure that have your mobile phone connected before launching the program.

iphone to computer transfer

The user interface is easy to use and understand. The left panel shows all the folder on your iPhone. Clicking on those folders will open up the files. Clicking on the files means you’re ready for transfer. All files and folders are shown in an organized manner. You won’t get lost using this program at all.

To transfer files, simply select the export option. The default folder is the iTunes library but you can always change that if desired. All in all, these are basically what you can do with this program. It is a fairly simple software, no special features, but can definitely get the task done.

So if ever you have problems with your iTunes when it comes to file transfer to and from your iPhone, try any one of these three featured software. They are your best bets. Check out which of them can serve your needs best. There are a few other programs like it over the internet. While you’re free to browse all of them, do start with these three software suggestions. You never knew it but you may not need any other.

Download Mac Version

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