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How to Play Region 2 DVD in Other Countries Effortlessly

Part 1. What is a region 2 DVD?

DVD region code is used to protect copyright and film distribution rights, so as to ensure movie studio profits. Region 2 includes Japan, Europe, South Africa, Middle East and Greenland. A commercial region 2 DVD is made in these countries can only be played on DVD players manufactured in these countries. This sometimes bothers and people are finding ways to play one DVD in different regions. This article takes the region 2 DVD for example to show you how to play a region 2 DVD in other regions effortlessly.

Part 2. Different ways to play region 2 DVD in other regions effortlessly

1. Buy a region-free DVD player. You can find some region-free DVD players online and just get one. Region free DVD players can play DVD discs from the entire world regardless of the DVD regions. That's because region-free DVD player doesn't have any region coding. So if you have some DVD discs produced in Europe, you can still watch the DVD movies when you are in the United States. However, a region-free DVD player may be a bit expensive.

2. Buy a region 2 DVD player. Since region 2 DVDs can only be played on region 2 DVD players, it will be great to buy a region 2 DVD player. If you have some old region 2 DVD discs and now you have settled in another country with a different DVD region, this way to play region 2 DVD may be perfect.

3. Change the region of your computer DVD drive. If you want to play region 2 DVDs in region 1, you can achieve your goal for free by changing your computer DVD drive region. This is very easy: Click "My Computer" > "Properties" > "Hardware" > "Properties" > "DVD Region" and select the geographic area you want. For this way, just remember you can change the DVD drive region for only five times. After then, the DVD drive region will be locked to the region you last chose permanently. For more information about changing computer DVD drive region, please refer to Unlock DVD Region.

4. Copy to DVD disc to a blank disc without DVD region protection. You can copy your DVD disc with a DVD copy software, say Aimersoft DVD Copy. It will help you remove the copy protection so that you can play the DVD discs anywhere. This way may be very good if you want to send some DVD discs to family and friends that are in a country with a different DVD region.

5. Rip DVD to videos. To play a region 2 DVD anywhere, you can rip the DVD to popular video formats like AVI, MP4, MOB, MKB, WMV, FLV, etc. with Aimersoft DVD Ripper. By doing this, you can watch your DVD movies on portable devices on the go, store them on your computer and play them with free media players or share them online with family and friends. Generally speaking, this may be the most convenient way to watch region 2 DVD movies anywhere and anytime you like.

Below is the video tutorial about how to rip region 2 DVD:

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Can you please help me to find an external (Mac compatible) region-free DVD player? I need it for a Macbook to play DVDs bought all around the world. It seems impossible to find... They say that all the DVD players allow you to change the region code 4 or 5 times, than they block to the last region code chosen. Thank you!
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