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How to Play MKV Videos on Xbox 360 with Ease

How could you play MKV on Xbox 360? Among various gaming consoles Xbox series is occupying an important place and more and more kids are getting addicted to this wonder piece of electronics. And also, now we see an increasing trend to download video and audio content from the Internet and we find that most of them are in the MKV format. This format being the mostly used container format that holds many number of different types of files like video, audio, text and other files as a single file. But your Xbox consoles belonging to the series Xbox 360, Xbox 360 elite, Xbox 360 Pro or Slim cannot directly play the MKV files. Hence you have to search and find the right type of converter to convert the video and computer games files in the MKV format to the Xbox compatible formats.

Though there are many solutions to solve this problem the best and most popular among them is Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate that has all the necessary features to convert and play the MKV format files on your Xbox 360. By using this video converter you can easily convert, edit, view, play and save all your MKV video files in a format that can be easily played on the Xbox gaming console with the highest possible playback in HD video quality. Download this MKV to Xbox 360 converter now and follow the guide below to transform MKV video files to Xbox 360 acceptable format.

Download MKV video converter:

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How to convert your MKV videos to play on Xbox 360

The tutorial here will take Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate as an example to show you how to convert MKV files on Windows-based computer and play them on Xbox 360 step by step. Just note that this program is specially designed for Windows operating system. Mac users please turn to Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac – the Mac version of MKV converter.

1Import MKV files to the converter

Download and install Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate in your computer. Locate the MKV files to be converted on your hard drive and import them into the video converter by either using the Add Files button on top of the program window or by just dragging and dropping the files into the converter interface.

play mkv on xbox 360

2 Choose Xbox 360 supported format for the output

After this you have to select the destination format for the conversion and you can select the format into which you want the files to be converted. In this case you have to select a format that can be played on your Xbox 360, like WMV. If you’re not sure about the format compatibility of Xbox 360, just choose the optimized presets that Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate offers to Xbox 360. This format can be found by clicking Output Format > Devices >Game > Xbox 360.

convert mkv to xbox 360

3 Activate the conversion

If you want you can edit your source video file and perform certain basic editing functions on the same and add the required effects. This is just an optional step. And specify the destination folder into which you want the converted files to be stored on your hard drive. Now the MKV video files are ready to be converted into Xbox 360 compliant format and all you have to do to accomplish this is to press the Convert button and your MKV file will be converted as required and can be found inside the destination folder you have specified. Thus with Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate you can easily convert the MKV files into the format that can be played on Xbox 360 in an easy and effortless way.

4Transfer converted MKV files to Xbox 360

To play MKV video files with Xbox 360, the last step is to transfer them to the game console. There are two ways to transfer converted files to Xbox 360:

  • Sync the converted files to Windows Media Center. And connected Xbox 360 with PC using Windows Media Center then you can stream video, audio, photos through an internet connection.
  • Copy the files you want onto a flash drive and then view them on Xbox 360.

Now you can enjoy the videos in Xbox 360 as you wish.

Download MKV converter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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