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How to Play AVI Files on TV and DVD Players

AVI video files are uncompressed movies with high video and audio quality and are well supported by camcorder, media players and video editing software. Since AVI is so popular, you may have tons of AVI videos on your computer. If you want to watch your AVI files on your TV with family and friends, you can realize it in many ways. Generally speaking, the below two solutions are the best and are widely used to play AVI on TV.

Solution 1. Burn your AVI videos to DVD and play them with DVD players

AVI files are always not compatible with DVD players. Fortunately, you can burn AVI to DVD with a DVD burner so that you can play AVI on DVD players and watch them on TV. To do this, you can use Aimersoft Best DVD Burning Software to burn AVI videos to DVD discs for playback on standard DVD players or TV. Simply insert a blank DVD to your computer's DVD drive and load the AVI videos you want to burn. Then select the DVD menu templates and start to burn AVI files to DVD disc. Wait for the program to finish the burning, and then you can watch AVI videos on TV with ease. For Mac users, there is Aimersoft DVD Burner for Mac, which can help you convert AVI to DVD on Mac OS X (Mountain Lion and Mavericks included).

Free download AVI to DVD converter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Below is a video tutorial on how to play AVI files on TV:

For the detailed guide on burning AVI videos to DVD, please refer to Convert AVI to DVD.

Solution 2. Connect your computer to TV

You can connect your computer to TV with a video cable. Select the right video cable for the connection according to the video ports on your computer and TV and insert the video cable to connect the two. Then, you can switch the TV's input to the proper port with the remote control or the Input button on the TV. After that, you can right click on the desktop of your computer and choose Properties > Settings > Advanced > Menu to set the graphics adapter and choose TV screen as the primary monitor. For better video watching experience, you can change the resolution on your computer to get the best video effect on your TV. After all the settings, now you can play AVI with media players like Window Media Player and the videos will show on the TV screen.

All in all, two methods are practical. But the latter one may takes lot of time. That's why most people choose burning AVI videos to DVD so as to play AVI files on TV. Anyway, just choose the way you like to enjoy AVI videos on your big TV screen!

By the way, if you want to play AVI on Apple TV, you need to convert AVI to Apple TV supported H.264 and MPEG-4 video format with a Video Converter first.

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Will the quality be better if i burn it to a DVD? the site I use though I see says mobile movies
I also do that, but why do the movies come out blurry and pic quality not so good?
Hi, Deena Montillo. You can use Window Media Player. If you want to do the same, you can just follow the tutorial. If you have any problem, please don't hesitate to contact us.
What media center player did you go with? We may want to do the same and have no idea where to start.
Very good option, That's the route we went, and have been happy about it ever since... However, need a new tv for a different room now, and trying to find a tv that plays avi directly instead of getting a second media player...
I'm thinking of buying a media center player, either wi fi stream videos to the player to display on the tv, or copy videos to external hard drive or USB stick and plug it in directly into the media player! Another option, if not Pedelibero solution works easily as well!
I have a dvd player with a USB slot. Copy avi file to falsh drive on PC, plug flash drive into DVD player, et voila!
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