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Download And Create Playlist with iTube HD Video Downloader

Part 1: How to Download the Whole YouTube Playlist and Channel

Now iTube HD Video Downloader supports downloading all videos from a YouTube channel, playlist, user page, category, as well as download Lynda playlist in one click. You will have 2 ways to download YouTube playlist, channel, category and Lynda playlist.

Method 1: Download YouTube Playlist with Download Extension

Step 1 Open YouTube Playlist or YouTube Channel

When you open a YouTube channel, playlist, user page or category with your browser, you will see the “Download” button. You can click the button and select the "Playlist" option.

download youtube playlist

Step 2 Download the Entire YouTube Playlist

When you click the "Playlist" option, you will open a window in which you can choose the videos you want to download. You can also choose the video quality in the window. When click “Download”, the selected videos will be downloaded simultaneously (the playlist videos amount depending on your settings in Preferences.)

select youtube playlist video

Method 2: Download YouTube Playlist with URL

Step 1 Copy and Paste YouTube Playlist or YouTube Channel URL

You can copy a YouTube playlist URL from the address bar in your browser, or copy the URL from other sites. And then go the the "Download" tab to click the "Paste URL" button. And click the "Download playlist" button.

download youtube playlist videos with url

Step 2 Download YouTube Playlist or YouTube Channel

You will get a pop-up window for choosing the videos from YouTube playlist. Now select the videos you want and set the video resolution. And then click "Download" to start downloading YouTube playlist.

select youtube playlist video

Part 2: How to Create Your Own Playlist

Do you ever consider the downloaded video fairly disordered? With iTube HD Video Downloader, you can easily manage your downloaded videos by sorting and creating Playlist according to your own taste, below we will show you how to create a Playlist in iTube HD Video Downloader!

Step 1 Create Playlist for Downloaded Videos

In the Downloadded tab of Download category, you will see a "New Playlist" button on the top bar. Click the icon and type in a name for your Playlist, and then click the "Add Playlist" button to finish the creating process.

download video in playlist mac

Step 2 Add Downloaded Videos to Your Playlist

Move your mouse the display bar of downloaded videos, you will see several icons which refers to Add to Conversion List, Add to Transfer List and Add to Playlist correspondingly. Click the icon for Playlist and you will see all your Playlists including the private list, choose one to add the downloaded videos.

how to download youtube playlist

For YouTube Playlist, Lynda Playlist or Playlist of other sites, you will get the Playlist of videos in Downloaded tab directly after downloading.