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How to Convert and Transfer Video to iPhone (iPhone 6S)

It's always a pleasure to be able to play videos on the gadget of your choice, where the iPhone 5 (iPhone 6S/6/6/Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C) fits nice and cozy in that hole, especially when you are traveling and you have got nothing better to do. However, you must remember that the videos supported by the iPhone are MP4, MOV and M4V, and in case your video is not of the above formats, then you'll have to convert those videos into the compatible ones. This article shows you how:

Part 1. Convert video to iPhone supported formats

Part 2. Transfer movies and music to iPhone on Mac with iTransfer for Mac

Part 3. Transfer the videos to your iPhone using the iTunes software

Part 1. Convert video to iPhone supported formats

Video formats like AVI, RMVB, FLV, WMV, MKV, ASF, 3GP, VOB, etc. are not supported and therefore you need a converter that can convert them into your regular iPhone variety, which is where Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate (or Video Converter Ultimate for Mac)comes into action. This tool is a highly efficient and customizable solution for your iPhone format problems and gives you an easy to use interface to get the job done. You will be converting videos in the iPhone format in no time, and that too, merrily.

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

1 Add the videos

After the download has been complete you can simply install the program and after firing it up, you must click on the add files button, which will allow you to drag and drop the videos that you want to convert. You can fiddle around with the niceties like subtitles and the like.

convert video to iphone

2Choose iPhone as the export format

There will be a drop down list where you will be asked to choose the output format for the video file. You must choose iPhone as the output format in this small but rosy step.

transfer video to iphone

3 Start the conversion

After all the fiddling above has been dealt with and you are finally ready to go: click the Convert button and that will start converting the video file to the iPhone format. Once that has been done you can click on Open Folder to see the result of the conversion.

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

Part 2. Transfer movies and music to iPhone on Mac with iTransfer for Mac

If you have iTransfer for Mac, it is no longer a hassle to transfer movies or songs to iPhone.

What you need to do is:

1. Download iTransfer for Mac, install and run it.

2. Connect iPhone 6S to your Mac, iTransfer for Mac will detect your iPhone automatically. The playlist of the music, movies and photos will display on the left side of the main program window. You can create, rename or delete your own playlist by pressing control and the left mouse button synchronously or right click the playlist.

3. Locate the playlist on iTransfer for Mac that you want to import file(s) to it.

4. Click the Mac to iPhone button movies to iPhone 4, then choose the required files from your Mac, then drag the required files from your Mac to the the program; The files will automatically save to your iPhone.

Note: here are some video formats supported by iPhone, which may help you transfer videos to iPhone successfully.

  • Video Format: MP4, MOV, M4V
  • Video Size: Up to 640*480
  • Video Bitrate: Up to 1.5Mbps for H.264, or 2.5Mbps for MPEG-4

Part 3. Transfer the videos to your iPhone using the iTunes

iTunes will be needed here and when it fires up, you just have to select the movie tab, and then in the File menu, click on Add a File to Library or Add Folder to the Library. Thereafter, you can choose the file or folder and just drag it onto iTunes. Once all the files have been imported, you can click on the Sync button for the iPhone and iTunes will do the rest.

transfer video to iphone

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worked perfectly for me...you have to install quick time and do as mentioned above. Aimersoft needs to be full version. i downloaded crack and it worked for my Iphone 4s with ios 6.1.2
Why when one wants to 'copy' a video to the iPhone, MUST you 'sync' movies? Which removes ALL music, books, playlists,... WHY? WHY? I prefer to manually add music, books... and now a video I'd like to have on my iPhone... BUT, the ONLY way I have found to get it there is to 'sync'...  Which, if you refer to my previous statement REMOVES ALL music, and books, and any other videos I have there...   WHY? WHY? WHY?
Aimersoft Employee
Yes! Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate offers optimized presets for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad mini, Blackberry and many other mobile devices. Just download and have a try now!
does it works for iphone 4S ???
I have tried , id does convert the files but canot be transferred to my iphone , it will transfer just the link , and I am able to play the clip just if the phone is connected to the comp , wifi or cable. what might be the cause ?
Aimersoft Employee
Hello. This problem just occurs occasional or always happen? Usually there are few cases like this. You can try it again. If it still contains such problem, you can re-install it.
Aimersoft Employee
Hello. Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate supports convert videos to iPhone 4S compatible formats and it also offers optimized presets for iPhone 4S.
when i click to convert the application bugs....
thanks, it worked !!
Does it work for iphone 4S now?
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